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Adds a spectacular "cinematic" look to stars and nebulae.


The 70 nebulae are an addition to your game. There are also more varieties of particles (dandruff!). The dozen or so Zygotic stars were added into the Vanilla game back at v.1.76.1 back in 2012.

The first OXPs to experiment with Nebulae were Tianve OXP & Diso OXP back around 2006. There are also several other nebulae OXPs - see Links below


To see how to tweak the Nebulae, read through the BB thread. You may also wish to look at How to tweak OXZ's

Adds more varied and detailed nebulas to the Ooniverse, settings can be altered as you wish in the planetinfo.plist, the main OZ levers being..

  • sky_blur_alpha The lucidity/vibrancy of the nebula parts
  • sky_blur_cluster_chance Chance of globbing together/overlaying with similar colouring
  • sky_blur_scale size, the more you increase this the more chance of lengthways stretching
  • sky_n_blurs the number of nebula parts with which to scatter across the sky

Also included are..

  • a distance modifier for the system star.. sun_distance_modifier
  • Star corona shimmer rate.. corona_shimmer
  • Star corona size.. corona_flare
  • Colour strength in corona.. corona_hues
  • Colour influence range for the stars.. sky_rgb_colors
  • How dark do you like your shadows? .. ambient_level
  • Visibility of the planetary clouds, this is currently set low as they are still appearing on the shadow side.. cloud_alpha
  • Density of star generation, same for every system.. sky_n_stars

Have fun! :)

Further updates to this OXP may include more and/or improved nebula textures, but as of now I, Z-U, consider it finished enough!


These nebulae images are coloured which may lead to issues with seams appearing around them on some monitors. See, for example, a_c's comment and fix here (2022).


  • License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Author: ZygoUgo
  • Version 1.3
  • For Oolite v.1.80


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