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Noshaders Zygoroid1.jpeg
Noshaders Zygoroid2.jpeg
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Seven differently textured rocks

ZygoUgo's Goldroid.png

Zygoroids V1.2.7

Seven differently textured rocks:

shady_Zygoroids_addon needs shaders to work.
noshaders_Zygoroids_addon doesn't rely on shaders, but does need ZygoUgo's Asteroids resources
  • Both addons can be installed alongside each other
"Wow, these are amazing! Fantastic work ZygoUgo! These are definitely the best looking asteroids I've ever seen in a space game" (Griff, Feb 17, 2013)

OXZ Version history

v1.2.7 - split up resources and shady and noshaders config. Bundled as OXZ (Amah)
v1.2.6 - Initial Expansions Manager OXZ. (ZygoUgo)
earlier versions were back from 2010-13
Author: ZygoUgo
Current Maintainer: Amah


  • CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0