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Welcome Mat OXP
Name Planetary Information System
Cost 300₢
TL Availability 6


The expansion of the Aquarian race into the galaxy led to a number of incidents of combat and piracy due to ships venturing into unsafe systems. To try and help avoid this, and indeed to generally make travel safer, the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation's ships equipment division have created a special update to shipboard communications to allow in-flight linkage into the stellar buoy messaging system.

Welcome Mat information
(peculiar "Extreme Industrial" description comes from SW Economy)


On arrival into the system from witchspace, information is available via the buoy system. The standard way to initiate communications is to lock the ships ident system onto the buoy and wait while the system makes connection and the data is downloaded. This is then displayed on the ships console (on the Comms Log on your View Screen - retrievable by pressing ` - the grave accent), and optionally via the communications system.

Planetary Information System

For long-distance travellers an additional piece of equipment was produced, which takes care of the initiation of communications without the need for buoy lock-on. If this is purchased (300₢) then the data is automatically downloaded on system entry. For data gathering from other in-system buoys though the standard ident system lock-on must still be performed.

OXPConfig Flags

OXPConfig compatible.png
  • Logging - Sends arrival location to stderr.txt and JSConsole (false by default).
  • Audio - Switch between console (false) and comms (true) messaging (true by default).
  • ExtraA - General system information (true by default).
  • ExtraB - System safety information (true by default).


This OXP requires at least test version 1.72 of Oolite.



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


A warning on arrival about piracy status and Thargoid presence. You don't even need to buy the equipment!