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Oolite abounds with libraries!

Are you looking for 1 A Library in the programmer's sense: reusable code that people writing OXPs can use. That is to say instead of everyone writing a javascript method to land on a planet, one person does so and everyone else uses that: •Library OXPCabal Common Library.oxp 2 A library of books or of ship/station descriptions: •Ship Library on the starting game screen - descriptions of ships, stations, asteroids and missiles mostly from the Vanilla game •View Ship Specifications - as above, but on the F4/4 Ship-Station Interface screen when docked •Gallery OXP does something similar to the above but with all encountered items •Technical Reference Library OXP - similar to Gallery but includes non-encountered ships. •Ship's Library OXP: by Cim (with the Ship's Manual; a half-dozen library books are addable)- see below on this page The last four are accessed through the F4/4 Ship-Station Interface screen when docked - all under Ship Systems
Ship Library-View Ship Specifications.png

The Ship Library contains descriptions of the more popular ships in the ooniverse as well as stations and other matter such as asteroids. Up to Oolite v.1.79 new ships were flashed up onto the start-up screen. This was replaced by the Ship Library which is accessed from the Game start-up screen. It is also accessed by the View Ship Specifications options on the F4 screen while docked (see under Ship Systems).

Most OXP's do not yet show their ships or stations in the Ship Library.


The scanner pinged. Another ship had just popped out of witchspace almost on top of them. She flipped the ident computer over onto it.
'Busy system,' Lance commented. 'Mk3 Cobra by the look of it. Wish we had one of those. Look, it’s trailing plasma, must have just been sun-scooping somewhere.'
Cobras! Boring! Look at me flying my ship, I've got no imagination at all!
The ident computer took a strangely long time to run the scan. Rebecca saw it was rechecking its findings. She looked at the result.

Cobra Mk3, 15% discrepancy. 100 Metric, .3 LM.
Gravimetric Radiation Detected!

Point-three LM, or ‘lem’ as it was usually referred to, looked fine to her. It was basically a speed measurement, LM stood for ‘LightMach’ or something similar. Lance would know. It was another technical thing Rebecca had deliberately chosen not to bother understanding. Point-two lem and under was slow, point-four lem and over was fast. Point-three was strictly average. The tonnage wasn’t unusual either. It was the ‘discrepancy’ that confused her. She wasn't sure what the radiation warning meant either. Status Quo p58.



The Dark Side

  • Shiplibrary.plist - this .plist inside an OXP or OXZ creates the entry in the Ship Library