The Classic Ooniverse Compilation

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A compilation of Smivs' ship OXZs which which give the Ooniverse a retro Elite-style look. These have up-to-date high-resolution graphics, with lots of alternative textures.


This compilation OXZ downloads the following OXZs to your ManagedAddOns folder:

  • Classic Ships - which replaces the Vanilla game ships with these textures
  • The Classic Variety Pack - adds 20 extra textures to The Classic Ships expansions.
  • The Classic Shipyard - allows players to buy ships with any of the textures featured in the main OXZ.
  • Better Buoys - adds different graphics for the in-game Navigation and Witchpoint Beacons.
  • Clippers - long-legged variants of the Python and Boa Class Cruiser - faster but with less cargo space. Player buyable and NPC.
  • YellOo Cabs - adds YellOo Cab taxis to the Ooniverse.
  • Contractor - awesome super-fast Bounty-Hunter/Hitman stealth ship. Player buyable and NPC.


  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Author: Smivs
  • Version: 1.0
  • Required Oolite Version: 1.82


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


While most of this changes little other than textures, the Contractor is a nasty ship to fight.