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This is a small OXP that selectively offers the player a chance to hire a pair of escort ships for a single journey (from main station in one system to the main station of another one, via whatever route). The ships will follow you through space, and will fight along side you against any alien or hostile vessels that you may encounter.

The type of ship available as an escort will depend on the tech level of the system, and better ships command a higher hiring fee. These range from 750 credits at the lowest tech level for a pair of Sidewinders, right up to the top flight 1500 credits for a pair of demilitarised Viper Interceptors.

Contract of Hire

  • Escort will only be offered to commanders of a good standing and with a clean criminal record.
  • This is not a babysitting service, only commanders of at least Average rank will be offered contract terms.
  • Availability of escort ships for hire is not guaranteed, although the chances are better for more lawful government systems.
  • This service only available at the main system station.
  • Once hired, escorts will serve until you reach the station aegis of any other main station than the one you hired them from.
  • Jumping into a new galaxy will void this contract, any hired escorts will not follow.
  • The type of ship available as an escort will depend on the tech level of the system they are hired in.
  • The escorts will work with the commander under their orders (unless they deem them to be illegal or immoral).
  • Any combat kills and bounty are transferred to the hirer, as is responsibility for any legal ramifications that may arise.


This OXP requires at least test version 1.75 of Oolite.


Hired Guns v1.26 can be downloaded from Box.Net by clicking on the link.


  • The escort AI is based on the private escort hire ship AI from UPS courier OXP, by Eric Walch.
  • Thanks to Lestradae for play testing and thoughts.