Gnat (Oolite)

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The 'Gnat', a small fighter from the aborted Elite 2 project by Braben & Bell. The Gnat in Oolite appears in a few OXPs and with differing textures.

Gnat (Griff)
Noshaders gnat.jpeg
Size (W×H×L) 54
54 m
13 m
50 m
Cargo capacity 6TC
Cargo bay extension n/a
Maximum speed 0.380 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.8
Pitch: 1.6
Energy banks 4
Energy recharge rate

Poor (2.2)

Gun mounts Fore
Missile slots 2
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available No
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 95,000
95,000 Cr


A fragile, light fighter.

Griff's version

Rumour has it that the original design blueprints were misinterpreted by the shipyard crew giving the ship an odd, 'back-to-front' appearance. It has two missile bays. This version has a hyperdrive.

The Decals are alterable: see Decal - you will also need to download Griff Shipset Decals to run this oxp

Iron Ass version

The feisty Gnat is an annoying fighter that may as easily be in the escort service as the piracy business. Highly manoeuvrable craft, its obvious blemish is the lack of a hyperdrive.

Murgh retextured the vanilla game ships, as well as many of the old favourites, including this gnat. You might wish to load up all of his retexture oxp's (Iron Ass vols 1-5) as well as his Iron Ass version of the Lave OXP. By the way, the humour in his Iron Ass Missionaries OXP is quite brilliant!


Custom Paintjobs

Version History

(Griff Version License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0)

V1.4.2 - 20 May 2015 - Added hull 'weathering' effects to NPC and Player versions
V1.4.1 - 15 June 2014 - Fixed missing material name 'Hull' in shipdata.plist
v1.4 - 14 June 2014 - New fragment shaders
v1.3 - 13 December 2013 - modified alternative paint scheme texture and updated shaders accordingly, fixed ship stats
v1.2.5.3 - 30 August 2013 - Simplified some of the glow code in the shader
v1.2.5.2 - 30 August 2013 - Fixed bud in shader calculating lighting on ship decals. fixed engine inner glow being added twice
v1.2.5.1 - 19 August 2013 - Further changes to textures. Fixed ambient lighting bug in fragment shader (paintmaps were being ignored in non-direct sunlight)
v1.2.5 - 18 August 2013 - Small changes to textures. New fragment shader more closely based on the default Oolite shader
V1.2.4 - 17 August 2013 - fixed bug in fragment shader causing it to fail in simple shader mode
V1.2.3 - 19 July 2013 - changed the new engine flicker effect to a fuzzy noise effect
V1.2.2 - 18 July 2013 - added some extra engine flicker
v1.2.1 - 14 July 2013 - fixed missing normalmap texture on the cockpit 'glass'
v1.2 - 14 July 2013 - Added minimum brightness check to PaintColor1 to stop it getting too dark
V1.1 - 14 July 2013 - Added alternative paintmap scheme
V1.0 - 14 July 2013 - first release