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Flavour for non-human systems.


112 of the 256 systems in Galaxy 1 are dominated by one of the eight non-human species. This .oxp starts to give them a little flavour, starting with the terms used to refer to the stations (eg feline "exchange stations", humanoid "starports") and the communications from those stations.


v 0.2 incorporates a script that will send messages from non-human stations and beacons. These messages sometimes reference ideas that are not yet implemented. It also contains music by P.A. Groove / Blurred Vision for which he kindly granted permission.

Rather than spam the player with constant messages they're currently set to mean that you might only receive more than a few if waiting in a docking queue. There is a fair amount of humour (YMMV - your mileage might vary) contained within and at least two truly awful (but mercifully rare) jokes. Any lines not to the users taste can easily be removed/replaced by editing the descriptions.plist.

My favourite is perhaps the lobsters. I'm not quite sure what mental state I was in when I was writing that stuff but I'm glad I captured it in some form!


This oxp deliberately plays with stereotypes. The stereotypes relate to the animal types in question and, although flavoured by the authors real experiences around stereotyping, no inhabitant type is meant to represent any real group of people or combination of such. Wishing to foster intergroup tensions within a fictional setting and (especially) between fictional groups is in no way an expression of a wish to promote such in real life. If any comment is intended at all then it is only to satirise such thinking. The chief goal however, is amusement: firstly my own and secondly (perhaps) that of anyone who gives it a try.


The new title is chosen to better represent the expanded scope of what the .oxp will hopefully eventually encompass. This oxp has been brewing since 2016, and there are many ideas for it which have yet to be achieved. These ideas include:

  • Different titles for the stations which depend on the inhabitant group (see above).
  • Distinct stations for each inhabitant group (i.e. birds, felines, frogs etc.)
  • Different commodity preferences which are species-specific (and restricted goods, too)
  • Unique shipyards


  • OXP version: 0.2
  • Required Oolite version: 1.79
  • Author: Redspear
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


At the moment (1st Jan '23), this oxp is pure flavour and does not affect gameplay. Just wait!... still true as of March '24 but working on it :-P