Adder (disambiguation)

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The original elite Adder
Refugee Adder with rotating engine (at left)

The Adder, a seminal ship from Elite, may refer to


Other: The Broken Adder (start your game with an adder and work up to a Cobra) was included in Elite-A and by editing your save-file from the early days of Oolite.

  • Start Choices allows the choice of two adder starts (Hard (with 100₢, missile & 7ly fuel) & Harder (without!)) - on the in-game Expansions Manager.
  • Adder start, an OXP increasing the difficulty for a starting Commander (2010).


I am never going to love my Adder. It's too slow for my liking, and with only one energy bank to power my ship and shields I feel pretty much naked all the time in a universe-long gauntlet of frat boys with paddles that I have to pass through to pledge.

Okay, maybe not the best mental image.

But it's got its good points too, once you pump about half its retail value back into it in the form of extras. Energy boosters, enhanced armor, electronic counter measures, fuzzy dice on the windshield...

And a military grade super-duper pew-pew-kapow master blaster on the front. WOOO!

How did I come across this good fortune? Well, it all started with one lonely convenience store somewhere between the Core Worlds and the Xexedi Cluster. One of those armpit places off the main trade routes that most people only see in their rear view mirror. I ended up there hoping to use it as a shortcut, only to find out that it was anything but... Mossfoot (2014)