Adder (classic)

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Dimensions 45 x 8 x 30
Cargo capacity 2 TC
Armaments Ingram 1929
Az Beam Laser,
Geret Starseeker
Maximum speed 0.24 LM
In-service date 2914, Outworld
Maneuverability CF 4
Crew 2
Drive motors AM 18 bi Thrust
Hull stress factor T Ko 28
Hyperspace capable Yes
Game versions Classic
The Adder is born.
The Adder, dancing.


Manufactured by Outworld Workshops, a rogue breakaway company from Spalder and Prime Inc. which operates without license from an unknown location, the Adder-class craft has dual atmospheric-spatial capability and is often used by smugglers. Pregg's "wingfolding" system permits landing on planetary surfaces. Carries one missile.


Previously forgotten archives have reemerged, revealing the earliest scribbles of the creator of this craft, and documenting the conception of this modest but iconic little spacecraft.


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