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Z-ships OXP

by Zieman


This OXP adds 4 ships (+ variants) to the Ooniverse.

Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.



Download Z-ships 2.0 from Box.com

The Ships

Note: the links below go to individual Ship Data pages.

Z Asp Explorer.png
Asp Explorer
Z Cobra Commodore.png
Cobra Commodore
Z Porcupine.png
Z Python Courier.png
Python Courier

Asp Explorer - Available to player.
Far Arm shipyards stationed in Deneb system (G7) redesigned the famous Asp mk. II to incorporate fuel scoops and some cargo/passenger carrying capacity. This resulted in a slightly larger hull, but the new Asp Explorer still retains the flight characteristics that made its predecessor so well known. GalCop authorities have adopted the new design to police and navy operations, and civilian versions are slowly spreading to every corner of GalCop controlled area - and beyond, exploring the unexplored.

Cobra commodore - Available to player.
Cobra Commodore is designed as improvement of the Cobra mk. III - at least in fighting department. Increase in speed, extra energy bank and better energy recharge come at the inevitable expense of cargo space.

Porcupine - Available to player.
Far Arm shipyard's answer to calls for cheap but sturdy cargo hauler. Costs no more than Cobra mk. III. What you lose in looks and speed, you gain in cargo capacity and endurance.

Python Courier - Available to player.
Redesign of the aging space trading corner stone, Python. Python Courier is faster, has more missile slots, comes with fuel scoops fitted and at the same time retains the shape and sturdiness of the original design. Fitting all that in identical-sized frame inevitably results in slightly decreased cargo space.

Version history

2.0 - this version, added normal maps & illumination maps, utilizing Oolite materials. Shipyard.plist also correct.

1.01 - fixed a typo in shipdata.plist that caused Navy/Police Asp Explorer to have wrong scan class.

1.0 - initial release


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