Viewing a Texture or Model

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How to view a specific model and / or texture in Oolite.

Using the in-game external views

If the ship you want to view is your player ship simply launch the ship and press v to cycle through the external views.

Otherwise ...

Install Debug.oxp

 1. Add Debug.oxp to your Oolite AddOns Debug OXP
    -- Extract the archive.
    -- Move the extracted folder Debug.oxp to $PROGDIR/AddOns/
 2. Install PyDebugConsole [1]
    -- Extract the archive
    -- Put the directory OODebugConsole wherever you like

Run Oolite with the DebugConsole

 1. Run the DebugConsole [WhereverIPutIt/OODebugConsole/OODebugConsole.exe]
 2. Start Oolite
     (If you have modified an oxp hold down the shift key during during the boot
     to clear the cache)
 3. Launch into space [Press 1](moving into a clear area helps). 

Spawning the ship you want to view actively in the game

Spawning the ship

Type in the console

 :spawn shipUniqueRole

where shipUniqueRole is the parameter to be passed to the :spawn macro.

Finding the shipUniqueRole

To find the correct argument for shipUniqueRole refer to [i.e. open in a text editor]


Find the entry for the ship in question in the shipdata.plist. [we'll call it shipX]


Find the defined roles


Use one of the defined roles as the argument for :spawn [found between <string></string>]

            <string>shipX-trader shipX-escort shipX-hunter</string> 


      :spawn shipX-trader 

in the console.

Modifying the shipdata.plist

If all the defined roles are generic* modify the shipdata.plist from:

            <string>trader escort hunter</string>


            <string>shipX-trader trader escort hunter</string> 

[* If the defined roles are only generic e.g trader|pirate|hunter|etc then a random ship fulfilling the role will be spawned. Not necessarily the one you wanted.]

[Make sure to use a text editor suitable for programming. One that doesn't change the encoding or add junk to the file. EOL=LF+CR]

To park the spawned ship

To park the spawned ship target it then enter in the console"dumbAI.plist")

To manipulate sub entities (if the ship has any) use the command:[0].position = [x, y, z]

View a rotating ship Mission Screen style

These commands work when you are docked in the station.

[for version 1.7.3]

Enter in the console


which, using the ShipX convention yields


[Coming soon to a stable version near you...]

Enter in the console


which, using the ShipX convention yields


Library OXP

Svengali wrote a couple of AddOns for Library OXP which enable this.

There are two tools tucked away in diverse locations:

See here for description re shaders etc. (2 pages, 2018).
On your F4 screen (if you have Library running too) under "Developer":

Lib MatFinder Pos01.png Lib MatFinder Pos02.png Lib MatFinder.png

On starting a game (if you have Library running too):

Library devtools switches.png Library devtools.png Library devtools.values.png

On your F4 screen (if you have Library running too) under "Lib_MatEditor":

Lib MatEditor (1).png Lib MatEditor (2).png