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Gsagostinho's HUD (Blue version)

one of the Asps
one of the Fer de Lances


Ships & Retextures

Note: Another commander upgraded Gsagostinho's retextures (for v.1.88's improved graphics) for some of the Asps & FdLs:

Note: Agostinho got the price wrong for the earlier version of his Cobra Mk III texture pack - hence Phkb's fix: NormalisingCobraMKIIIPrice.oxz

Oolite & Elite:Dangerous

Work in progress

Have look at his station models here.


As well as his own OXPs, he has been influential behind the scenes in improving the aesthetics of other OXPs such as Dictators OXP, Manual Witchspace Alignment, System Features Rings & Fuel Station OXP.

Outside Oolite

Gilberto has been involved making similar contributions to other games - look at FlightGear.

station models