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Quirium cascade mine
Coluber HUD's Advanced Space Compass

A pair of gifted inventors responsible for the Tyley-Feynman Quirium cascade mine and for the Tyley-Feynman GW-99 astro-navigation compass.


Galcop strenuously denies having anything to do with the bomb, and have unofficially supported the call for it to be banned, stating that it should never have been invented. So they were obviously involved from the start.

Tyley and Feynman were never interviewed, never received any public accolade. It was said they were merely research scientists who shied away from scrutiny and the media spotlight, not proud of the device they had created. No photos exist and no records of life events can be found. They have never been heard from since.

– Extract from the Unofficial GalCop Conspiracy Theory Archive, Tianve