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Isence Prime. T-Drive destination set.
Isence III. Arrival.
What's it called? - Your choice!

FE Shipyards

FE Shipyards is proud to unveil our H-fed T-drive technique. Long in development, this complex modification is finally ready for practical application and delivery to you, our valued customer.

We will link your ASC and Injector circuitry to the Hyperspace motor, allowing the formation of a miniature wormhole between the ship and its destination station. With a tap of the 'i' button, space is folded and transport is instantaneous.

We'd like to call it the T-drive, but several customers have come up with alternative suggestions as to a better designation. So we decided to give you the choice.


Select your station of destination with the "next compass target" button linked to the Advanced Space Compass. Please make sure it's a station buoy and not a planet or moon!

With the station selected, tap the Injector button and you will arrive.

If you still prefer them to O-drive, you may go on using your injectors normally, provided you do not change compass target: the Teleportation Drive only fires once per destination.


In the event of dissatisfaction or sudden lack of cash, you may elect to remove the T-Drive and be granted a refund of the purchase price. Look for the entry 'Remove Teleportation Drive' on your Equipment interface.


Before the option to buy our Teleportation Drive even appears on the Equipment listing at the shipyard, Advanced Space Compass and Witchdrive Fuel Injectors need to be installed in your vessel.


Without far-flung stations to teleport between, there is really not much point having a T-drive. So you will need

  • Stations for Extra Planets Base
  • Stations for Extra Planets - Stations

and the extra planets themselves for the new stations to orbit:

  • Additional Planets SR Base
  • Additional Planets SR Redux Pack

Look for these two excellent Ambience packages in the Expansions Manager in-game.


Teleportation Drive is available through the Equipment section of Oolite's in-game Expansions Manager or here:

Download Teleportation Drive 1.2 OXZ


  • 1.2: You are given the option, via an F4 'Customer Survey' Interface, to change the short name of the Teleportation Drive. The new designation is saved across sessions, and of course may be changed again as many times as desired.
  • 1.1: minor cosmetic enhancements; dotting the t's and crossing the i's code-wise.
  • 1.0: initial working release.

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage averageGPU usage low


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.2 2022-12-12 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Eases travel Equipment OXPs Reval []