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The OXP adds seven ships from Star Wars to the Ooniverse. From the Rebel side: the A-Wing, B-Wing, X-Wing and Y-Wing. On the Imperial side the Tie-Fighter, Tie-Interceptor and Lambda Shuttle are added.

The ships are available to the player and NPCs alike. The rebel ships are mainly seen in the hands of pirates or occasionally bounty hunters. The Lambda Shuttle is pretty much exclusively used by traders. GalCop occasionally use Tie Fighters and Tie Interceptors to support Viper police patrols, but pirates also use them as escorts. Fortunately your IFF will identify who is flying the ship.

Many players consider these ships to be too “Uber”. If you feel this way, a simple solution is to delete the shipyard.plist from the OXP’s Config folder, turning the ship into an NPC only ship. Fighting police ships in Tie Fighters certainly adds to the difficulty of making a living as an honest pirate!

Ships in this OXP

A-Wing sm.png
B-Wing sm.png
X-Wing sm.png
Y-Wing sm.png
Tie-Fighter sm.png
Tie-Interceptor sm.png
Lambda Shuttle sm.png
Lambda Shuttle

Known Issues

  • The Lambda Shuttle is too big for standard docking ports, so docking and launching by NPCs will look buggy. Future Oolite versions (beyond 1.74.2) will make it impossible for such ships to dock or launch from a standard station.
  • The Lambda Shuttle specifies an obsolete shuttle AI which creates error entries in Oolite's log. Functionality is not affected though.


The OXP can be downloaded here. Has not been updated since 2010.


When unzipped the download file contains 7 .oxp folders (one for each ship). If you wish to play with all the ships installed then you need to move all the .oxp folders to AddOns. If you just want to play with some of them installed, then just move the ones you want.


  • Forum: Comments in this topic (2006-10). This oxp was originally written by Azzameen (2006-7).
  • The 7 ships listed above each have their own page.

See also Federation Starships (2009)


See StarWars oxp (2009) where the license is granted to tweak as long as records of this are made in the ReadMe

Azzameen lost his log-in details and re-registered himself as Jagen Ordo in 2009.

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