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Our members are engaged in an armed struggle against the Biesmaan Dictatorship, a brutal regime that has invaded and occupied our homeland. We're in desperate need of experienced commanders to lead our forces in combat. Would you be willing to help us?

- Colonel Bea'es, Regional Commander, Zabe Resistance


Galaxy 5 Operations Map

Breaking news from Galaxy 5: a major power in the sector, the Biesmaan Dictatorship, has launched a surprise invasion against its neighbour, the independent system of Zabe. With its significant technological and numerical advantage, the Dictatorship has quickly overwhelmed Zabe’s small defence force and in a matter of days the system has been forced to surrender.

Despite sustaining heavy losses, many of Zabe’s senior military figures have been able to escape from the conflict and have since found refuge among sympathetic governments. With GalCop refusing all appeals to intervene, there are now rumours that these exiles have set up a resistance organisation and plan to wage a guerilla war against Biesmaan in a bid to retake their homeland.


The ship selection screen

Resistance Commander is a mission/gameplay OXP set in Galaxy 5 that allows players to take command of a small squadron of ships in combat operations. Serving with the Zabe Resistance, you are engaged in a long campaign against the Biesmaan Dictatorship, taking every opportunity to inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

With this OXP you will be given the unique ability to:

  • undertake a range of different dynamically-generated mission types
  • give precise orders to your squadron using a specially-developed command system
  • manage your squadron personnel, including performance-linked promotions
  • assign a different selection of ships depending on the needs of each mission
  • monitor the overall status of the campaign

The Resistance will be relying your superior leadership; only by making full use of your squadron's skills and resources will you succeed. Note that players must have a minimum of 1000 kills to be eligible for service; in addition, the squadron command system requires that you have at least 6 missile pylons available on your ship. (Note that Vimana Ship Overrides adds 2 pylons to whatever you are flying, as well as other improvements)

Further Information

The Operations Room

This OXP introduces the Squadron Command System (SCS) - a primable equipment - which enables you to control your squadron.

A comprehensive set of instructions and background notes is available in the download package (an 11-page colour .pdf!).

Important: You must read the 11 page pdf included inside the .oxz (either try here: File:Resistance or else unzip the .oxz - remove briefing document - and then move to AddOns folder & repackage as an .oxp works fine). You can unzip it using the Expansions Manager using the x button.

  1. Overview
  2. Resistance Command:    the command structure of the Zabe Resistance
  3. Flight Operations:     Squadron Command System (SCS)
  4. The Campaign:          promotions

Reminder: SCS will not work if your weapons systems are offline!

You can also visit the discussion thread at the Oolite Bulletin Boards here.


The original version of this OXP requires at least version 1.75 of Oolite and the installation of the Dictators OXP in order to work properly. The current version needs version 1.79 of Oolite or later.


Downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager.

Resistance Commander is available from Ramirez' Oolite Pages.

Download ResistanceCommander_1.6.oxz for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 1722 times). Updated by Norby (1st July 2015 - Oolite v.1.82 came out at the end of May 2015, which included AI changes, which may affect this oxp)

ResistanceCommander_1.5.oxz was downloaded 767 times.

ResistanceCommander_1.4.oxz was downloaded 503 times.

Version History

v1.6 01/07/15

• Added new texture for the Python Commander (by tonyhippy)

v1.5 12/11/14

• fixed the price of the playable Python Commander ship

v1.4 30/06/12

• minor fixes to resolve script problems on startup

v1.3 30/01/12

• modified mechanism for giving different ranks varying energy levels
• some endgame materials included but currently disabled

v1.2 17/10/11

• added new textures for Dictatorship ships
• minor fixes to shipdata
• additional NPC comms messages

v1.1 10/09/11

• added check for presence of Dictators script
• fixed problem with missiles not being restored when docking with the SCS active
• streamlined the script by moving the various SCS-related functions to a separate worldscript
• rearranged unit selection buttons to place 'select all' in the first slot
• corrected various typos that prevented some opfor targets from appearing properly
• fixed problem with units appearing after hypespace incorrectly
• minor correction to some AI commands

v1.0 /07/11

• added dynamic energy ratings based on rank
• added limited missile loadout to Gecko squadron ships
• improved flee conditions for units under low energy
• improved check-in comms
• included detailed pdf readme

v0.5 /07/11

• Location set to Galaxy 5
• basic readme included

v0.4 /07/11

• Created dependency on Dictators.oxp
• new dynamic target and ship selection method
• more variation between weapon loadout
• added unit promotion mechanism
• completed scripting of all mission variations

v0.3 /06/11

• improved ship display menus
• improved ship selection menu
• added background art and completed menu set
• added an assault mission involving hyperspacing to new system
• modified mission destinations to lie within 15ly of base
• added mission summaries to debrief
• added an Ops Centre with campaign summary
• improved in-flight comms
• fitted plasma turrets to certain ships

v0.2 /04/11

• redesigned SCS to make use of SHIFT+N activation method

v0.1 /04/11

• initial test release with functional command system and basic menus

Comments by Ramirez

From the ReadMe inside the .oxp:

Known issues and future changes:

•	units promoted to Commander are not yet replaced by new recruits, so they'll remain part of your squadron indefinitely
•	a more detailed endgame is in development for the campaign
•	so far, Resistance Commander only makes optional use of assets from the Commies OXP; I intend to expand this where possible to include things like Your Ad Here and other OXPs
•	a set of potential special functions (status check, systems check and hyperspace check) are described in the pdf but haven't been implemented as yet
•	I'd like to introduce a new HUD that works better with the SCS

A note on the Squadron Command System:

The script functions for setting up the unit selection and unit command panels are now all contained in the GWcontrolpanel.js worldscript.  You can customise the order in which the various buttons appear by rearranging the lines in the this.initialisePanel, this.setUnitPanel and this.setCommandPanel functions.


  • Author: Ramirez
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Version: 1.6
  • Required Oolite Version: v.1.79


Originally I gave the asps the pirateAI.plist but they were pretty lethal. You can go into the shipdata and modify it to see what a more aggressive opposition looks like. (Ramirez Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:28 pm)