Neo-Docklights OXP

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A Cobra Mk3 perfectly aligned with the docking port, showing the docking lights passing beneath the pilot's line of view.


A little OXP by forum request of Disembodied, which adds a trail of green docking lights in front of the main station in tech level 3+ systems. Designed as a docking aid to newer Commanders, just orient your ship along the line and follow them in, matching the rotation of the station.

Also if the station has a ship in its launch corridor (between the station and the buoy, either docking or launching) then the lights turn red as a warning. They remain so whilst the ship is in the corridor, before reverting to green.

One other small note - for most ships the player's viewpoint is not along the central axis of the ship (it is usually above it). So for best results the alignment with the docking lights should be with the central axis of your ship rather than the centre of your view. In practice that means the lights will go beneath your view.


This OXP requires at least test version 1.77 of Oolite. Earlier versions require the earlier Docklights OXP


Neo-Docklights v1.00 can be downloaded from by clicking on the link.