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Help for new players (in-game)


Overhear some useful (and some not-so-useful!) tips at the station bar.

When docked, visit the F4 screen (Visit the Station Bar under "Activities") to go and listen in!

Hints cover combat, trading, using equipment, pirate & thargoid tactics, etc.


  • Officially, CC-NC-by-SA 4.0
  • In reality, I don't give a fig. If you want to take this over, please do so! Just make a better fist of it than I did! And if you wish to include it in something of yours, ditto! I'm with Killer Wolf on this licensing tosh!


File:Oolite.oxp.cholmondely.Hints.0.092.oxz - just pop it into either your AddOns folder or Managed AddOns folder! See OXP for more details if needed.


LittleBear & Spara (programming)
Redspear, Avder, Hiran, Murgh & Cody (gossip)
Programming help from Montana05 & phkb
Inspiration (and bar picture) from BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM
cbr came up with some super ideas - which I'm too dumb to include

Future Hopes

This is the first stage of this .oxp

Assuming I can develop the skills:

1. GNN newsflashes to amplify a little more along these lines.
2. I'd like to add choices of drinks
3. Also to add variation and choice in bars (those orbital stations are massive, just one bar is unrealistic).
4. I'd also like to combine it with BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM's Life in the Frontier.oxp - which gives more meaning to visiting the bar
5. I desperately want to add in advice for other oxp's (which requires this oxp to recognise which ones are loaded and then dole out data accordingly)


(1) Life in the Frontier
(2) Oolite 1.90 - Let's Play Poorly

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Some useful tips to help your game.