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The ionic repulsion drive is the standard mode of conveyance for most space vessels. The Cobra Mk III is fitted with two Kruger “lightfast” motors, each capable of 1.21 gigawatts power. This provides a top speed of just over 30 light mach.

The motors are mounted either side of the ship's centreline in approximately the centre of the engineering section at the rear of the ship. The large plasma vents allow maximum yield of charged particles from the motors.

The w and s controls on your Astrogation Console will increase or decrease the velocity.

The Main Engine/System Drive is the slowest of the three drives in your Cobra Mk III, the others being the Torus Drive and the Witchspace/Hyperspace Drive.


  • Engine Sound allows the sound of the engine to be heard in game
  • Q-Charger increases speed at a cost in both fuel and energy
  • Hard Way causes the engine to consume fuel in its operation.
  • Breakable Engines introduces a new breakable equipment System Drive listed on the Ship's Manifest.