ETT Homing Beacon

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ETT Homing Beacon OXP
Name ETT Homing Beacon with Launcher
Cost 800₢
TL Availability 11
ETT Homing Beacon OXP
Name ETT Homing Beacon Missile
Cost 860₢
TL Availability 13


Have trouble finding your way back to somewhere using only spatial coordinates?

Then the ETT range of homing beacon's and deployment devices is a must buy.

From all planets tech level 11 and above.

The beacon itself (a mine) is scoopable/redeployable. The missile version is more accurate.


This is an old OXP - it existed back in 2006. Version 1.02 by Lone Wolf: converted to OpenStep and Javascript, HUD icons added, flashers corrected
Version 1.01 by Lone Wolf: adaptated for Oolite v.1.75.x
Version 1.0 by Twisted: initial release

To Do

- compass icons (the HUD icons become too small when used as compass icons)
- better/different models
- beacon from beacon launcher gives a beacon launcher or 25 kg Gold on scooping, beacon missile can be scooped but gives nothing. Change this ?
- NPCs scoop the beacon - look into ways to prevent this ?


This OXP requires Oolite v1.75 or higher.


  • Download version 1.02 from here (2011-04-04)
  • Download in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 8742 times).


  • License: CC BY-NC-SA 2
  • Original OXP: Twisted; then HUD Icons by Elded, Flashers by Commander McLane, Update by Lone Wolf.