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Download it from here.


This equipment can show useful informations in the target mark after the ship name in the order of appearance:

  • the version of the ship if ShipVersion OXP present,
  • the remaining energy level (whirl down well when hit with Beam laser),
  • the armour facing to the player if HardShips OXP present (and the starting letter of the side in Long layout),
  • the shield level facing to the player if CustomShields OXP present (after a + sign),
  • the speed, can be high value if target using Injectors or Q-Charger OXP (which is awardable to NPCs from v1.21 by ShipVersion OXP).

The * mark before the name means Offender status, ** means Fugitive.


The energy detection is not always accurate, differ more and more oftenly if the target has high version number. If detected more than the real value then you maybe flee from a weak ship or can destroy it before the value run out. But if detected less then the target will be remain after reached 0 and "???" displayed instead of the value.

If you attacked a ship then show the combined armour, shield and energy level in one number before the name to reduce reading time and indicate that you already attacked this target. The armour and shield counted with facing value so you can see sudden increases when the target turn and show an undamaged side. Before the value a + sign means the target is facing you, a - sign means facing to the opposite direction (show the back) so can not fire to you if has not aft weapon.

On-HUD displays


The combined energy value of your ship and your target are displayed on your HUD. This works automatically with the default HUD only, if you using custom HUD then insert the content of the insertintohudlegends.plist file into the legends section of your hud.plist to see this or you can read the values in the name of the target only.

The combined energy+armour+shield level of your ship is displayed below the crosshairs without equipment also due to your data are available without detectors and of course always accurate.

If you switch to the aft view (F2) then count aft shield and armour (if any from IronHide OXP and HardShips OXP). Side views using side armour values from HardShips OXP and the average of the forward and aft shield. Shield capacitors from ShieldEqualizer+Capacitors OXP are counted also.

If this sum is lower than the 50% of the maximum then a yellow box warn you around the value which can turn to red if the value dropped below 25%.

The aft shield mark "<" will flash on the right side of your value if the aft shield get hit from an enemy behind you. If you viewing aft then the forward shield mark ">" will flash on the left side if the forward shield get hit and the aft shield mark will be silent. In side views both mark works.

Your legal status is displayed also with * or ** if not clean.

You can set the position of these displays to 4 predefined place in detectors.js: Top, Down, Above or Below crosshairs by set $Detectors_HUDPlayer and $Detectors_HUDTarget to "T", "D", "A" or "B". If you using NumericHUD v3.1 then suggested to change HUDPlayer to "B".


The Detector will send a message when an attacker hit the player with the direction and name. If the shield of the player is depleted then the damage amount from the first hit also shown in the front of the message. You can find out the laser type from the amount: 15 means Beam, 23 means Military Laser. If you see a number around 300 then a missile hit your ship, in this case you can read the name of the launcher. To avoid repeated messages one hit reported only from an attacker in every 5 seconds, except big damages (over 50).

If Detectors are damaged, or installed HardShips OXP and the Core of the ship is damaged then you will see "???" instead of values until repaired - it is not a bug, it is a feature. :)

You can choose discounted repair if damaged but the accuracy of the detection will be decreased.

Keypress functions


If you prime and activate the Detectors Equipment then get a message about the forward ASE of your ship (means Alberta Stock Exchange or Armour+Shield+Energy as you wish) then all armour levels after the starting letters of the sides (see in HardShips OXP), then the Service Level of your ship. The shield including the value of the capacitors if a Shield Capacitor installed from the ShieldEqualizer+Capacitors OXP.

The mode button change the information level displayed in the name of the target to choose your beloved mode. You can see the Long Layout by default but sometimes (in combat) the less is more. The on-HUD displayed values will show percentage in short layout. The target percentage calculated from the ever detected maximum value due to the true maximum is not detectable in real.

If NumericHUDv3.1 is installed then the Short Layout can change the shield and energy display to show percentage. Change it in the game instead of in script settings: set the short layout before combat and turn back over the battle when you have more time to read the exact values.

Cost: 2500.0 Cr.
Techlevel: 11


Using Detectors 0.9 and Telescope 0.9. The first five with the default HUD, others with NumericHUD v3.1. Detectors1.png














Technical Informations

Depending on Oolite v1.77. Cabal Common Library OXP 1.7 needed if extended data allowed and you want to see Cabal Strength of the ships.


Unzip the file, and then move the folder named ".oxp" in the end to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation.

Settings in detectors.js

If you set AllowExtendedData to true in the Script/detectors.js then also shown in order:

-the primary role of the ship (trader, pirate, ...),
-Cabal strength of the ship calculated by the Cabal Common Library if installed,
-missiles remaining,
-subentities (potential turrets or weapon holders),
-ship mass.

But this give too much informations so disabled by default.

You can set the position of the on-HUD displays to 4 predefined place: Top, Down, Above or Below crosshairs by set $Detectors_HUDPlayer and $Detectors_HUDTarget to "T", "D", "A" or "B". If you using NumericHUD v3.1 then suggested to change HUDPlayer to "B".

The Layout variable hold the number of the default layout of the data in the name of the target ship, you can change it when you choosed your most liked design.

If you leave the SaveLife setting on the default true then the NPCs will try to eject if has Escape Pod and the energy level dropped below a single Military Laser hit. But the smart enemy will launch a missile also if available before leave the ship.

If the SpeedToFront set to true then show the speed first then the energy and name if you hit the target (false by default).

Recommended OXPs

  • Cabal Common Library if you want to calculate Cabal strength.
  • CustomShields OXP to give shields to the NPCs also.
  • HardShips OXP to put armour to all ships and see another value after the name.
  • Q-Charger OXP to increase combat speed (awarded to advanced NPCs by ShipVersions OXP) is supported in the speed display of Detectors.
  • ShieldEqualizer+Capacitors OXP just for fun (and supported). :)
  • ShipVersion OXP if present then the version number also shown after ship names.
  • Telescope OXP to lock targets over the scanner range, read the strength instantly when arrived and flee in time if needed.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0 If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite at gmail. Scanner sound source:


2013.07.23. v0.9 Player energy+armour+shield value displayed on HUD.
                 HUD displays can be placed top, down, above or below crosshairs.
                 Added an element of uncertainty to target energy detection, thanks to Smivs.
                 Added cheap repair with less accurate spare parts.
2013.06.24. v0.8 HUD display improved, scanners and Large Dish moved to the Telescope OXP.
2013.06.17. v0.7 Show target energy on HUD.
2013.05.05. v0.6 Minor fixes.
2013.04.08. v0.5 First working version.
2013.03.31. v0.1 First test files.

Download Detectors OXP from here.

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
0.9 2013-07-23 CC-BY-SA 3 extended targeting and scanning Equipment OXPs Norby BB-Link