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A little OXP by forum request of "Sendraks" and others. It logs major events in the life of the current Commander, including items like ship purchases, witchspace mis-jumps, rank advancement and ship maintenance overhauls.

The last 100 events are logged and can be dumped out to latest.log, with the most recent 10 viewable in-game. All of this is accessed via the interfaces (F4) screen whilst docked.


This OXP requires at least test version 1.79 of Oolite.


Commanders Log v1.01 can be downloaded from by clicking on the link.


  • Tweak to log what equipment was bought or sold or repaired. Replacing function this.playerBoughtEquipment. See code here. By vsfc (2014)
  • Tweak to the tweak (to ignore bought fuel!) here. By vsfc a month later.
  • How to tweak OXZ's