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*[[Brilliant but broken...]]
*[[Brilliant but broken...]]
*[[Guide to Unlisted OXPs]] - see Named Collections: Okti (2011-12)
*[[Guide to Unlisted OXPs]] - see Named Collections: Okti (2011-12)
*[http://aegidian.org/bb/viewtopic.php?p=279448#p279448 cbr's tribute]

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Your Colony
Inside, looking at bottom of central hub
Side view of top of central hub


The Aim of the project is to setup Colonies and provide some missions in the Colony, A colony will simulate material handling, population, trade routes to near by systems and may have sort of colony sim associated with it. Or just keep as an eye candy.

I have been experimenting a model which you could fly in and dock with the center station.

That is early stages of the OXP and I need new ideas and help for texturing and modeling as well as how the colony will be build at first place and the mechanics for the population increase and decrease due to the needs to be fulfilled.


The dockable needs texturing. Then there is the "mission" concept. Phkb's Hermitage might serve as a template for some of it.

But just finishing the station would be superb!


Working download is here: unzip and bung in your AddOns folder. See OXP if you need more detail.


  • Author: Okti
  • License: CCA-NC-SA 3.0
  • Written in 2012