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Reinventing the wheel is not everybody's taste, so here comes a collection of useful snippets and helpers.

Its main purpose is to simplify some common tasks used by OXPers and also includes a few unique features. It contains functions to check requirements, helper functions for arrays, strings, numbers and vectors, an encrypt/decrypt algorithm, and, last but not least, functions for missionscreen models, an onscreen keyboard, a comms channel, special market deals, a event driven script for music, a system description based script to coordinate OXPs actions and a tool to check the player ship and NPCs. Over time it will grow and include more functions and features. The library does not alter any native JS objects (like Array or String) in its current form to avoid clashes.

  • List of OXPs which need Cabal_Common_Library - currently 10.



The current internal version is 15.


Written by Svengali With contributions from:

  • Michael Werle (documentation),
  • Ahruman (pseudoRand),
  • Commander McLane (strDateFromMinutes),
  • Eric Walch (mapCoordsDirection),
  • Thargoid (strAddAlignedText, strAddEdgeText, strAddIndentedText, strAdd2Columns and strAdd3Columns)
  • Terry Yuen (en/decryption),
  • Dr.J R Stockton (rand, randSpan, msbPos, baseChange, strLZ, strLZZ, arrShuffle),
  • Nicholas Zakas (Cabal_Common_BinSearch is based on his ideas)
  • Paul Bourke (pointOnLineB)


  • Latest version needs Oolite v1.77.


For Oolite v1.76.1:


Documentation for OXP Developers:


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Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage highMemory usage averageGPU usage averageisParentisAPIisDocumentedisConfigurable

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.7.2 2020-06-18 CC-by Helper for OXPs Misc OXPs Cmd.Cheyd, PhantorGorth, Svengali BB-Link