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BlOomberg Markets creates random events that affect the commodity prices in specific systems. Prices can go up or down, and it's up to the player to decide whether to take advantage of an event to maximise their profit.

In operation, the OXP acts as a plugin to the GNN news service. Once installed, players will receive bulletins from time to time advising them of any significant changes to market trends. For a player who happens to be in the right place at the right time, significant gains can be made. However, be aware that market conditions can change quickly and there's no guarantee of the value of your cargo when you arrive at your destination. As a purely impartial information service, BlOomberg Markets takes no liability for any losses incurred.

Events can last for up to around 20 days; while this is usually enough time to cross much of the galaxy, there's no guarantee that a player will be able to reach any given event. While an event is ongoing, a note is added to the Ship's Manifest (F5) screen.


  • Latest version requires Oolite v1.82 or greater
  • (For version 2.7 and later) GNN must be installed, otherwise all of BlOomberg Markets' features will be disabled on startup.
  • (For version 2.6.2 and prior) Snoopers must be installed, otherwise all of BlOomberg Markets' features will be disabled on startup.


You can find the BlOomberg Markets discussion thread on the Oolite Bulletin Boards here.


This does not yet interact with the new commodities outside the Vanilla game: medicine, oxygen, Fresh water, Quirium or Whisky. It will however run merrily alongside them, doing its own thing!

Future Developments

I've developed a mechanism to create rarer events that affect more than one system, e.g. all those with a particular government or ecomony type, but I'm still working on the actual events and the corresponding mission text.


Older versions


v2.7    25/09/2019      Made GNN the requirement, superseding Snoopers.
v2.6.2  03/06/2017 	‬Fixed a % sign in missiontext.plist, thanks to gizmo.
v2.6.1  16/06/2016 	‬A marker has been added to the chart for the market event. Small language corrections. -spara-
v2.6‭	‬24/06/2015‭ 	‬The oxp has been updated to work with Oolite v1.82.‭ ‬-spara-
v2.5‭	‬29/10/2011‭	‬Script fixes to correct event resetting‭; ‬added mission text for minerals variations
v2.4‭	‬04/03/2011‭	‬Compatibility update for Oolite v1.75
v2.3‭	‬18/11/2010‭	‬Minor change to prioritise BlOomberg messages and ensure market resets are reported properly
v2.2‭	‬26/07/2010‭	‬Minor fixes to improve Snoopers integration
v2.1‭	‬17/06/2010‭	‬Minor fixes to typos in mission text
v2.0‭	‬13/04/2010‭	‬Snoopers integration and compatibility with Oolite v1.74
v1.0‭	‬30/01/2010‭	‬Initial release



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