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Cholmondeley 09:21, 27 December 2020 (UTC)

heh-heh. Much prefer the old user-name to appear blue, never having been a particular fan of red... Will doubtless stick in some links to Elite Trader OXZ while I'm about it. (Just looked up how to do internal links with anchors)
Reval (talk) 10:03, 27 December 2020 (UTC)

I see that the Tea-plot thickens! Please, please put in a list of all your oxp's so that readers can see them grouped together.
Cholmondeley 15:22, 27 December 2020 (UTC)

Excellent point - the purpose of a user-page, no? Don't know about a list, but I've certainly worked OXZ links into the Guild's official entry for the Grocer (Buber, it turns out, is a G.E.T. scribe on the side), per your advice. There's a problem still with Goods Containers, as they are now two separate OXPs (a five and a ten-ton variant)... Please feel free to edit the page if you feel something lacks, but preserving the overall spirit and thrust. Reval (talk) 21:39, 27 December 2020 (UTC)

Just found this page - Oolite Ship Names - if you wish to add Laenina's Flux to it! It's not been updated since 2012! Cholmondeley 15:53, 29 December 2020 (UTC)

Interesting find! Unfortunately, it looks as though it's a repository of player-ship images (and very pretty those are). Dor has just the bog-standard showroom model Asp - in fact they stole it from a showroom (the sibling in question being a used-ship salesfrog...) Reval (talk) 05:59, 30 December 2020 (UTC)

New: Linking your OXP pages together

Reval, how about adding an Elite-Trader Nav-Box template to your relevant wiki pages?

Something along the lines of the Vanilla-game Equipment template, but with links to all the OXPs in your suite? (click on the edit button on that page to see the relevant gubbins)

Or, more simply, inventing a new Category:Elite Trader OXP suite and including them in it? You need to get the name right at the outset as changing the name of a category is more complex than that of a standard wiki page.

Cholmondeley 09:40, 22 November 2022 (UTC)

Sounds intriguing... only problem is, I'd have no idea where (or how) to start... If you perchance have worked it out, I'd certainly appreciate some pointers!

Category:Fictional organisations

It seems to me that Montana05 is right - just take a look at the Category page, here: Category:Fictional organisations. Everything else listed is an organisation - there are no other oxp's listed.

This is despite, for example, various varieties of Cobra being made by Cowell & MgRath, which is a Fictional organisation!

Your own category

But you do need a Category of your own, that is quite obvious. My fault - I'd forgotten about our discussion just above.

Note that one cannot just change the name of category page - it has to be deleted and another new one with correct spelling created. So one wants to get it right first time!

Just search for a page called Category:Whatever you want and then ask the wiki to create it for you. You can then add to the page (see Category:Classic for an example). (If you then tag that page with a second category, you will turn it into a subcategory of the second category.)

  • Adding "Category:Elite Trader" anywhere on a page inside square brackets will then tag that page and add it to the category, as you know.
  • Adding ":Category:Elite Trader" anywhere on a page inside square brackets will act as a link without tagging that page
  • Adding "Category:Elite Trader| " (note the space after the pipe) anywhere on a page inside square brackets will place that page at the top of the alphabetical listing on the category page.

Any questions, just bug me!

And if you want me to undo your recategorisations as "Fictional Organisations", I can do so very easily.

Cholmondeley 10:37, 20 December 2022 (UTC)
Thanks much, Cholmondely. Don't know if I'll have the time for any of that. It's simply that I'd rather not have strangers messing with my pages. Ever. Both FE Shipyards and Merchanters' League are fictional organisations: for one thing, they occur in FICTION (cf. first page of "First Run"), and for another, at least in the case of FE Shipyards, they are an arm or offshoot of G.E.T. which is very very definitely a fictional organisation.


F8F8 screen (oxp'd).png

More Moolah

1) Do you know that there is a F8F8 option which gives detail (if input by an .oxp) for each of the commodities listed on the F8 markets screen. You could add a little text there if you liked (eg a warning about the vast disparities in the price of medicine). So, for example, in SOTL Altmap, F8F8 gives the vital information about the various commodities to give you a chance of working out how to make a profit.

See screen shot on the right (modded by SW Economy) ->

2) Still feeling my way through this one. I think that I am getting richer rather more quickly than with either SW Economy or the vanilla game commodities system.

3) Also playing with Phkb's newest version of Risky Business (which incorporates Cim's Risk Based Economy OXP) - they both increase the profit margin for the more pirate-infested systems. Have you tried these out yet?

4) Thanks for rejigging Merchanter's Zeal. Still have it, still have some issues with it, but it is much improved!

Thanks! Let me say again how much I appreciate your attention and feedback. The BB is useless, quite ridiculous actually. ET, for example, has over 82000 'views' and not a single mention of a glitch or problem (and there are many) - no 'this is a great OXP' or 'I hate this extension' or 'what about changing...' - nothing.
The same applies to most other [RELEASE]s and [WIP]s over there. Just where one expects comment, criticism, and encouragement, there is none. I suspect neckbeards 'of a certain age' rule there and their dour and phlegmatic attitudes pervade everything... such a pity. Those devs - and they've had enough time to do it - don't even deign to address Oolite's most glaring, awful, and annoying Market bug.
Now I've got that off my chest...
1) I am indeed aware that comments and explanations are needed for the More Moolah F8F8 screen. I simply haven't got around to them yet. Thanks for the heads-up. Adding these is high on my list of priorities. Hopefully you'll have something before Xmas.
2) Yes, MM is great for getting rich! - It's why I made it :) Why are all the other 'economy' OXPs so stingy? I often ask myself. I guess the peeps who create them aren't traders themselves.
3) If only I knew how to decipher those other <key>--><value> pairs in trade-goods.plist! But the sad fact is, I don't. The person who did the 'explanations' on the Wiki page either cannot speak English or doesn't understand the numbers him/herself. They are quite simply incomprehensible.
4) Yes, I agree that 2000 cr threshold does help - thanks for the idea! If the MZ issues you refer to are serious ones (ie. could be considered buggish) don't hesitate to list them so I can address them pronto.

More Moolah (reprise)

1) I wouldn't go so far as to say these comments are needed on the F8F8 - rather to say that it is a way of adding more information about the commodities in an immersive 'in-game' manner. Sadly, the combination of needing to know to press the 'F8' together with the fact that nobody uses it (other than Stranger & SOTL) means that almost nobody will do it...

2) It's not so much 'stinginess' - its more the sort of game that one prefers. See Szaumix's various posts here (he works in the stockmarkets, by the way...).

3) Hunh! That's the way I feel about every single programming page on the wiki...

Cholmondeley 09:10, 21 December 2022 (UTC)

1) Well, I'm all for immersiveness. But I wanted to do those trade-goods descriptions (for my own satisfaction, at least, and for completeness). And now they're done. I'll incorporate them into descriptions.plist and upload them as part of version 1.4 later today or tomorrow.
2) ahaa - interesting to know. He's not also a space stockbroker, is he? ;)
3) Someone somewhere must know what they all mean. I'd like to talk with that person.

Comment: "If only I knew how to decipher those other <key>--><value> pairs in trade-goods.plist!"

Does cim annotate them in his SOTL AltMap.oxp? He certainly completely changes the way that the markets work... and AltMap was supposedly the only oxp which ever really implemented the market changes from Oolite v.1.82. Cholmondeley 19:56, 21 December 2022 (UTC)

Maybe - I'll have to check sometime.
"Were I from Oolite away and clear,
"Profit again would not draw me here.