Oolite Ship Names

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A ship's name can be very important to a pilot, as it often represents an emotional attachment to his or her ship. Names can range from simple words or phrases to names of deceased or living persons.

Ship names in Oolite Fan Fiction

In Oolite fan fiction, many ships have custom names, usually given by the pilot and/or owner of the vessel.

Custom OXP ships

In Oolite, ships are very customizable thanks to OXPing, which allows players with basic knowledge of shipdata.plist editing to create their own ship. Personal ship OXPs can be as simple as a like_ship reference and a new name, or as complex as a completely new type ship reserved just for the player.


It is common, but not required, to edit the texture of custom ships to give it a new paint job. This can be done in GIMP quite easily, using the Hue/Saturation command, or the Colorize command.

Gallery of Custom Ships

Murphy's Law, flown by Capt. Murphy
Radio Maru, flown by Blaze O'Glory (Disembodied).
Bilbo Maru, flown by Smivs.
Dubios Profit, flown by Captain Hesperus.

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