Transporter (classic)

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Dimensions 35 x 10 x 30
Cargo capacity 10 TC
Armaments N/A
Maximum speed 0.10 LM
In-service date pre-2500 AD,
SpaceLink Shipyards
Maneuverability N/A
Crew 5
Drive motors N/A
Hull stress factor N/A
Hyperspace capable No
Game versions Classic


The Lakon Spaceways MC15 QuikTransport Shuttle is the most commonly encountered intermediate range shuttle, with a range of 0.1LY and a full HiGrav Loading facility. It can carry up to 100 passengers, and has a cargo capacity of 10 tonnes undefined bulk. Can land on asteroids, space stations, and can skim atmosphere, and touch down on land surfaces and all liquid surfaces except acid.


The triangular markings on the top hull, are actually 'I.B.' and 'D.B.', the initials of Elites creators Ian Bell and David Braben.

Dry Dock

During coding of Classic Elite 'dry-dock' code was used to view some of the ships during development (referred to as *VIEW on Ian Bell's web site). A movie for the Transporter generated using *VIEW run under the BBC emulator BeebEm3 is available here. The initials inscribed in the top hull are quite apparent.