Solar Wind Flux

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Advanced System Data MFD: set to Solar data
Solar wind flux currently reads as 0 due to occlusion from the nearby planet's magnetosphere
  • Solar Wind Flux currently only exists within the Strangers World family of OXPs.
  • Different star types yield different emissions - and the emissions can vary over both time and distance.

Useful MFDs' General Info MFD

Seeing the Solar Wind Flux concentration

Note that the value is only detectable under "green alert": the presence of other ships/large bodies inhibits this.

Advanced System Data MFD

The Solar Wind Flux concentration can be shown on the Advanced System Data MFD made available by the Strangers World OXPs. You need an ASC.

  • You need to (1) select the Advanced System Data MFD (switches between Planetary & Solar Data) (see MFD for details on selection)
  • and (2) set it to the solar data version (done by selecting the sun on your ASC).

Useful MFDs

Alternatively, you can see the value on the Useful MFDs first general MFD without the ASC. At the moment (July 2022) this is buggy.

See Stranger's post here for more detail (2022)


The solar flux emitted by a star can be collected as fuel if one's ship is equipped with Fuel Scoops. The concentration has to be at least 0.1 LY/min.

Scooping under Hard Way.oxz

  • Note that slight variations might exist - your equipment might declare a value of 0.1 LY/min... but scooping may not start until some time after the concentration reaches 0.11 LY/min...

Scooping under Fuel Collector.oxz

Note that the equivalent scooping under Fuel Collector OXP seems to be independent of the sun type and of the distance from it (unless in witchspace/interstellar space). Hence, the information provided (if you have Sun Gear running) is irrelevant in game terms.


  • Strangers World - introduction to this suite of OXPs
  • Sun Gear OXP - instantiates the solar wind flux and has details of the stellar modelling (provides the Advanced System Data MFD).
  • Hard Way OXP - allows scooping the solar wind flux