Riredi OXP

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Riredi sodalite orbital station
Riredi.oxp's Riredi


  • Custom texture for the planet
  • New F7 description of the planet
  • Unique orbital station
  • Custom docking tunnel for BGS
  • Special station defenders

Sector1/Riredi is the home of Coluber Inc. (Coluber Works and Shipyards Ltd.) and Riredisec Ltd. (a well established transport company that is specialized in the transportation of larger quantities of gold, platinum and gemstones).

The station is thus unique (designed and built by Coluber) and is guarded by Pitvipers which are manufactured locally by Coluber.

This OXP was created by Captain Beatnik in 2014.




This oxp was repackaged and placed on the Expansions Manager by Dybal.