Ore Processor

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Ore Processor
A field of splinters to be extracted
Name Ore Processor
Cost 3500
TL Availability 12
Ore Scanner
See what's hiding inside your splinters!
Name Ore Scanner
Cost 425
TL Availability 12


This oxp adds the equipment: Ore Processor.

Don't accept lousy pay for mined minerals! Cut out the middle men.

This piece of equipment is sold at high tech shipyards and is every miner's dream.

The Ore Processor extracts any valuable material from scooped asteroid splinters.

Why this equipment

You want to strike it rich and don't like the ore refineries taking all the big profit from your mined ore. With this equipment installed you can process your own ore. And when it contains gold, it is really yours!

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The Ore Processor attaches to the fuel scoop and extracts valuable materials from mined asteroid splinters. Buy a Mining Laser and disintegrate the asteroids in the usual way. Boulders will break up into all kind of splinters. An experienced miner can tell valuable splinters apart from worthless ones just by examining their textures. Scoop up the ones you are interested in, or just scoop the lot if you have cargo capacity to spare.

After scooping up splinters the processor will start automatically when it detects something of value and in a few seconds it will have processed the ore and add whatever it contained to your cargo. During processing it will consume a small amount of energy. Splinters are processed one by one. When scooping up splinters faster than the Ore Processor can process them they are placed in storage and processed in turn. When there is not enough energy for processing, the splinters are put into your hold in unprocessed form.


This equipment can be purchased in all high-technical systems (12+) for the sum of 3,500₢.

Ore Scanner upgrade

Upgrade the Ore Processor with the Scanner to scan splinters for valuables. A useful tool for miners with small cargo holds and limited energy resources. To scan a targeted splinter, select the Ore Processor equipment with shift-n and start scanning with b. Costs 425₢ and available at TL12+

Download Link

Get the latest version: 2.2.2 from the in-game expansion manager. Needs Oolite 1.80 or newer. Changes the functionality of the equipment. See changes from version notes below.
Ore Processor 2.1 by Spara. Needs Oolite 1.77.1. Changes the functionality of the equipment. See changes from version notes below.
Ore Processor 1.59 Updated version with textured splinters, needs Oolite 1.74 or newer.
Ore Processor 1.52 Original version without textured splinters.

Version Notes

  • Versions up to 1.52 are written in Legacy Scripting.
  • Versions 1.53 and higher are written in java script and need Oolite 1.71+ to make use of all this new stuff. When used with Oolite 1.65, the equipment will still work but than it will use the still present old scripting system of version 1.52 and you won't get the new textures.
  • Version 1.54 does not try anymore to add stuff to the cargo bay when the hold was filled during processing.
  • Version 1.55/1.56 uses the new cargo handling introduced after Oolite 1.73, but also works on older Oolite versions.
  • Version 1.57 fixed a problem with scooping sound sometimes staying on.
  • Version 1.58 Added compatibility with Griff Asteroids.
  • Version 1.59 Removed all compatibility with Oolite 1.65 and older test versions. Minimum requirement Oolite v.1.74.

Version 2.1

Changes compared to the original

  • The original OXP uses it's own textured splinters, that differ quite a lot from splinters added by popular replacement shipsets. This makes mining valuables easier and may be an immersion breaker. Change: With this oxp valuables are randomly put into any splinter from any splinter set installed. Optionally the original textured scripted custom splinters from the previous version can be mixed in by renaming the file shipdata.plist_ to shipdata.plist.
  • In the original OXP it takes a fixed amount of time to extract valuables from a splinter. Change: This oxp varies the toughness of the splinters. Some splinters take more time to process than others.
  • In the original OXP the equipment works automatically when a splinter is scooped. New splinters can be scooped before the previous one has been processed and they are put into a queue. The equipment stops when it has processed the last splinter from the queue or there is no more energy left for processing. If the latter happens, unprocessed splinters are put into the cargo hold as alloys. Change: In this oxp the equipment has to be manually operated. Scoop a splinter or splinters. Start processing them by priming the equipment with shift-n and pressing n. Processing can be aborted by pressing n again. Processing can be resumed after aborting. If desired, the processor can be hardwired to start automatically when a splinter has been scooped. This is dangerous though as you can easily dry out your energy banks by accident. Because of this GalCop does not approve hardwiring and for that reason it can be bought only from rock hermits.
  • In the original OXP player can visually identify splinters holding valuables by examining their texture. Change: This oxp puts valuables randomly into any splinter making the visual identification impossible. Instead the equipment can make a short range scan of a targeted splinter for valuables. Prime equipment, target a splinter and press b. Scan takes a few moments and some energy and might fail. If scan is successful and valuables are detected, splinter's display name is tagged. Re-scan might reveal undetected valuables. Scanning can be aborted by pressing b while scan is active.
  • In the original OXP there are safety limits for energy. Processing won't start unless there is enough energy and processing will be aborted if energy level drops too low. Because of this splinters may be left unprocessed and ships with fewer energy banks can't operate the equipment at all. For example Adder can't use the equipment. Change: This oxp removes all energy limits and allows processing in pieces. Now Adder can also use the equipment and all scooped splinters can be processed.

  • Version 2.1.1 adds support for Manifest MFD OXP.
  • Version 2.2 makes the scanner functionality a purchasable upgrade (425 credits) and makes it fail safe.
  • Version 2.2.1 fix to work with Oolite 1.81

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a folder named "Ore Processor". Open this folder and you will see a folder named "Ore_processor.oxp" and a readme. Move the Ore_processor.oxp folder to AddOns. As with all OXPs, its the folder ending .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.