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Onrira's Torus station

Responsible for the placing of the first Torus station in orbit around Onrira in 3129, smoothing the turbulent political waters with appropriate applications of grease and slime (Onrira had been a Multi-Government system).

When the first Torus station was unveiled in orbit of Onrira in 3129, it marked an event of political promise. As GASEC and GalCop had relied heavily on the services of Obnoxicorp in both the political lobbying and execution of the project, there were many champions to claim honours and declare directions for the future, and some confusion could not be disguised.

As Onrira was at the time under a flawed Multi-Government system, caught up in the recurring Esonatoid calamity, there was solid cause to see the political instability resolved, especially considering the potential of the world's abundant resources. The Obnoxicorp strategy was intended to join the fragmented leadership in space, and shape a common prosperity through trade. The Torus station made this possible.

Early indications showed success as Onrira began to prosper, offering hope to similar systems who would benefit from a similar lift, but few of these figured in Obnoxicorp's elaborate plans. Torus stations began to appear on a galactic scale, but exclusively around planets of great commercial promise, and not where diplomatic efforts were needed. Although GalCop leadership were said to be displeased about the direction of the Torus program, any public acknowledgement of failure was suppressed.


The Cobra Clipper Search And Rescue Ship

The Cobra Clipper SAR is frequently seen in the more advanced systems, scouting for any escape pod survivors, be it from pirate attacks or other space accident, and swiftly bringing them back to safety.

When Obnoxicorp registered that its insurance division's profits were plummeting, they became aware that a campaign against them had been in effect for several years. Investigating the problem led them to identify that some customers felt they were getting little for their money, and other customers had died. Seizing the problem at its roots, the Obnoxicorp thinktank recommended that a charm offensive be launched towards the disgruntled customers, and measures be taken to keep them alive. With this, the Murgh Shipyards of Teorge was given the task of constructing a rescue vessel to herald the new era, using the successful Cobra Mk.III as its foundation.

At first, this move seemed to benefit Obnoxicorp's insurance profits greatly, but inevitably, the SAR's honeymoon came to an end. The rumour spread that the much-hyped scanner wasn't nearly as effective as claimed, and reports of specifically targetted pirate ambushes (a large score being known as "hitting the gravy train" in slave trafficker parlance) became commonplace. As an additional own-shot in the foot, it got to be widely known that Clippers packaged with quick licencing were sold on the open market as Obnoxicorp sought more profit by franchising the EscapePod retrieval industry, and any remaining positive spin from the original campaign seemed to have vanished.


Globe orbital stations

The success of the early Torus stations led to Obnoxicorp's decision to place new sector headquarters throughout the galaxy in newly commissioned Globe stations from Murgh shipyards.