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Griff Industries has released some awesome shipmodels which use normalmapping and shader effects to produce some of the best looking ships available in Oolite. In 2012 Captain Solo started to convert the Oolite core ships as Griff's No Shaders shipset for computers without a shader capable graphics card. With Oolite v1.80 these ships are now used as default ships.

Initially the OXPs/OXZs here began as a pet project to provide some of Griff's other extra, alternate or some missing vessels and accessories as a nice addition to the new v1.80 default shipsset, too. It grew by the time and covers now also ships and stations by Dertien, which fitted perfectly the new default look and feel of Oolite. There are plans to update/downgrade some of Staer9 projects and make downloadable skin packages for the default starting cobra3.

After the first miserable tries to understand how these textures are to be recomposed "Captain Solo" was so kind to help to sort things out, gave detailed instructions how to convert/combine the original marvelous textures, so they work out on low-end machines like mine. Additionally just a few things to add the engine glows and such were changed in the process.

So most credits have to go to Captain Solo who helped me tremendously how to compose Griff's awesome textures to no shadered ones, and of course to Griff for his great ship designs and Dertien for his Z Groovy Repaints and Staer9 for his shipset and Chopped Cobra. The rest of the work was merely some GIMP work and some simple shipdata/shipyard editing.

Important Notice

The OXPs/OXZs require Oolite v1.80+. If you want to use the OXZ bundles, please deinstall any individual OXPs of these ships.


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Missing core ships

Ships from Griff's normalmapped core shipset, currently missing in default Oolite v1.80

Alternate core ships

Ships from Griff's normalmapped core shipset in different variations and models.

Extra ships

Griff's normalmapped ships originating from different other Elite games (ArcElite /Amiga Elite/Frontier)


Dertien's extra ships

Dertien's Griff repaint Variety


Staer9 shipset

Staer9/Smivs S9 chopped Cobra

Mickey Moriarty's Radical Logistics ships

Asteroids, cargopods, etc...

Griff's Accessories
Rocks and barrels...

ZygoUgo's Accessories
Rocks, buoys and explosions...

Stations and Dockables

Griff alternate stations
core stations in other variants

extra stations addon/replacements
featuring stations by Griff, Ark, CaptKev and Dertien

Default and alternate and extra station textures in higher resolutions

Ingame shots

some screenshots of no shader ships and accessories


Griff, Staer9, Z_Groovy, Spara, MiMoriarty, Amah


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit


  • 09-20-2014 released Cobra Mk3, Wolf Mk2 and Griffin Mk1
  • 09-21-2014 released Cobra Mk1, Ophidian. Updated Cobra Mk3 clean texture
  • 09-23-2014 released Gnat, Mamba, Fer-De-Lance, Bug. Updated Cobra Mk3, Cobra Mk1, Ophidian.
  • 09-26-2014 released Hognose, Viper. Updated Cobra Mk1, Bug
  • 10-01-2014 released asteroids2014, cargopods2014. Updated: Viper
  • 10-05-2014 released old Fer-de-Lance, default scuffed Cobra Mk3. Updated asteroids, python. Restructured first posting
  • 10-09-2014 released organic Thargoids and Tharglet
  • 10-10-2014 released normal Gecko
  • 10-12-2014 missingcoreships and accessories as OXZs available.
  • 10-15-2014 updated alternate ship OXPs to new roles where applicable, now also as OXZs available.
  • 10-17-2014 updated extra ship OXPs to new roles where applicable, now also as OXZs available.
  • 10-20-2014 released noshaders_Z_Groovy's Viper Raider
  • 10-22-2014 bug fixed extraships.oxz (Thanks to JPO for reporting and Norby for the fix)
  • 10-28-2014 uploaded Z-GrOovy station resources and addon as OXZ (you need both files to have additonal system stations)
  • 10-31-2014 released Griff's flyable Sidewinder as OXP and updated the missingcoreships OXZ, Dertien's Z GrOovy Sidewinder Variety Pack as individual OXPs,
  • 11-05-2014 released Z_GrOovy YellOoCab as individual OXP
  • 11-08-2014 released Z_GrOovy Cobra Mark III Variety Pack as individual OXP
  • 11-09-2014 hotfix release 1.0.1 - removed a forgotten dumbAI entry in plist. Added an own bonus paintscheme called "admiral" based on Griff's clean ship design.
  • 11-13-2014 released Z_GrOovy Cobra Mark I Variety Pack as individual OXP and bundled all Variety Packs as OXZ for the ingame addon manager
  • 11-20-2014 released noshaders_Z_Groovy's Cobra AC as individual OXP
  • 11-22-2014 Z_GrOovy's Extraships as OXZ bundle available.
  • 12-03-2014 released Griff's fullsize resolution textured system stations as individual OXP
  • 12-04-2014 Griff's fullsize resolution textured system stations as OXZ available via the ingame addon manager, updated Wolf Mk2 with third paintscheme as individual OXP and in extraships OXZ
  • 12-17-2014 uploaded Staer9 shipset Salamander as individual OXP to the repository
  • 12-22-2014 uploaded Staer9 shipset Python ET Special as individual OXP to the repository
  • 12-23-2014 uploaded Staer9 shipset Python Class Cruiser as individual OXP to the repository
  • 01-04-2015 updated Staer9 shipset Python Class Cruiser's deacls and added a Griff default python paintscheme
  • 01-06-2015 uploaded Staer9 shipset Iguana as individual OXP to the repository
  • 01-17-2015 uploaded Staer9 shipset Bushmaster and Chameleon as individual OXPs to the repository
  • 01-25-2015 individual OXP of noshaders Staer9 shipset Sidewinder XPort released
  • 08-20-2015 fixed compatibility towards ingame expansion manager Oolite v1.82 and probabilities for alternate_Griff_stations and ZGroovy_stations OXZs
  • 08-23-2015 uploaded Staer9 shipset Cat Mk2 as individual OXP to the repository
  • 08-30-2015 released noshader Staer9 shipset as OXZ bundle for the ingame expansion manager. Bundle is in snyc with Spara's shadered Staer9 shipset.
  • 08-31-2015 uploaded Staer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra to the repository
  • 09-01-2015 released noshader Staer9/SMIVS S9 chopped Cobra as OXZ bundle for the ingame expansion manager.
  • 09-11-2015 updated/bugfixed ZGroovy's Varietypack OXZ/OXP
  • 10-02-2015 uploaded Mickey Moriarty's Radical Logistic ships as OXZ bundle for the ingame expansion manager.
  • 10-11-2015 replaced/renamed/uploaded ZGrOovy's stations bundles to extra stations. Available as oxp or oxz in the ingame expansion manager.
  • 10-15-2015 updated noshaders_accessories_resources with a bugfixed file (debris_role bug inherited by the original package and fixed by Spara)
  • 11-02-2015 fixed radical logisticships and missing core ship for mac os, bugfix for buyable/sellable yasen-n turret.
  • 12-13-2015 fixed front lasers for stear9's chopped cobra when buying a new player ship.
  • 02-05-2016 fixed missing semicolon in station_addon reported by Mikael, Thanks for Norby for looking into the issue as well

Todo List


  • Discussion and announcements on "The friendliest board this side of Riedquat™[1]
  • Texture conversion resources (alternate Cobra Mk3 and default player ship)[2]

Download and Installation

  • download as OXZs (for manual installation):

Missing core ships OXZ (downloaded 2596 times)
Alternate core ships OXZ (downloaded 2609 times)
Extra ships OXZ (downloaded 2810 times)

Accessories OXZ (downloaded 3081 times),
Accessories replace OXZ (downloaded 1588 times)
Accessories chunky explosions OXZ (downloaded 728 times)

ZygoUgo's Buoy OXZ (downloaded 1490 times)
ZygoUgo's Explosions OXZ (downloaded 2159 times)
ZygoUgo's Asteroid resources OXZ (downloaded 1797 times)
ZygoUgo's shady Asteroids OXZ (downloaded 1573 times)
ZygoUgo's noshaders Asteroid resources OXZ (downloaded 1047 times)

ZGrOovy Variety Packs OXZ (downloaded 3199 times)
ZGrOovy Extra ships OXZ (downloaded 1907 times)

Staer9 shipset OXZ (downloaded 1073 times)
Staer9/Smivs S9 chopped Cobra OXZ (downloaded 1500 times)

Radical Logistics ships OXZ (downloaded 1807 times)
Radical Logistics buyable/sellable Yasen-N turrets (downloaded 1345 times)

Alternate core stations OXZ (downloaded 2189 times)
Fullsize textures systemstations OXZ (downloaded 1979 times),
Extra stations as additional systemstations OXZ (downloaded 970 times)
Extra stations resources OXZ (downloaded 1160 times)
Extra stations for "stations for extra planets" OXZ (downloaded 718 times)

Info: the OXZs are also available via the ingame expansion manager.