Maintenance Tune Up

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Service your ship at any time you like


This OXP provides the facility for pilots to further tune up their ships, getting closer to brand-new performance. A tune up will only be offered at the same stations a maintenance overhaul is offered, and similar rules will apply (that is, you'll get a better tune up at higher tech level systems).


The "Maintenance Tune Up" will be offered if the tech level of the system is high enough (ie. TL7 or greater). If an overhaul is currently due, the tune up will not be offered, although once the overhaul is performed, you may have an additional opportunity to purchase the tune up.

In the Vanilla game one can only have one's ship serviced (Maintenance Overhaul in the F3 page (ship outfitting) screen when such demand is urgent. So if one is about to enlist for a time sensitive mission, there is no opportunity to have one's ship serviced first! Or to service one's ship prematurely at a high TL orbital before embarking on a journey through lower TL worlds, where several such services may end up being needed due to lack of TL.

This OXP changes all that, and allows more future planning. It also adds a dose of realism to your game.


  • Author: Phkb
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • OXP Version: 0.3
  • Oolite Version: v1.79

Version History

  • 0.3
Tune Up will now generate a maintenance-related email if the Email System is installed.
Code refactoring.
  • 0.2
Correction to the minimum cost check.
Reset variables after overhaul to ensure tune up will reappear.
  • 0.1
Initial release.


Through the in-game Expansions Manager


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