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Screen shot by Another_commander

This OXP converts Leesti to the Moon. It uses 8192x4096 textures for diffuse and normal maps.

One of several OXPs exploring the new planetary graphic capabilities of Oolive v.1.90

Leesti is Moon LSM

Special edition of Leesti is Moon with marked soft landing sites of human unmanned probes and piloted spacecrafts.

  • Soviet Luna stations
  • US Surveyor probes
Surveyor 1
Surveyor 3
Surveyor 5
Surveyor 6
Surveyor 7
  • US Apollo Lunar Modules
Apollo 11
Apollo 12
Apollo 14
Apollo 15
Apollo 16
Apollo 17
  • Chinese Chang'e stations
Chang'e 3
Chang'e 4
Chang'e 5
Impact sites and crash landing sites are not included, so Soviet Luna-2 station, making first historical Moon impact, is not presented.


This OXP created by stranger, using as prototype Tionisla Is Mars 8k OXP created by another_commander. The diffuse map used is a reprocessed version of a texture originally from CGI Moon Kit by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio. Link to CGI Moon Kit https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4720 The normal map used is a reprocessed version of Moon normal map originally from Celestia Motherlode (http://celestiamotherlode.net/catalog/moon.php). Creator of original texture is John van Vliet from the Celestia community. Link to original normal map http://www.celestiamotherlode.net/creators/johnvanvliet/VT/MoonNormal_L4.zip

Changes made to original diffuse map include reducing max lights value from 255 to 192 (there are too bright spots on original map) and correcting light curve to reduce overall brightness (input value 136, output value 120, repeat two times). Changes made to original normal map include the addition of an alpha channel, a swap of red and green channels and inversion of original green channel (thanks to another_commander for these valuable details of normal map processing). Polar distortions on van Vliet's normal map were patched using normal map, generated from CGI Moon Kit displacement map. Comparing with van Vliet's normal map this normal map has too soft shadows with loss of small terrain details, so I used it only to correct polar distortions in zone approx 90°...80° latitude. There are still some polar distortions remaining on normal map, but most of Moon surface now seems pretty cool.

Download and License

  • The expansion pack can be downloaded from the in-game Expansions Manager.
  • This OXP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 license.

You are free to use and distribute this OXP on non-commercial basis. Rebundling of this OXP within another distribution is permitted as long as it is unchanged. Any mods/derivatives of this OXP must be distributed under another names. The license information (either as this file or merged into a larger one) must be included in the OXP.


Version 0.3.0 - 12.01.2021 Original diffuse map created by John van Vliet was replaced onto diffuse map fromCGI Moon Kit.
Polar distortions of normal map were (mostly) fixed.
Version 0.2.0 - 14.09.2020 Residual atmosphere haze removed.
Version 0.1.0 - 13.09.2020 Initial upload.


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