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This OXP aims to simplify the process of targeting ships. In the core game, a pilot must point their crosshairs at a ship in order to target it. However, at the edge of scanner range it is quite hard to move the reticule over the small dot of a ship in order to get a target lock. This seems counter-intuitive as the scanner can certainly identify the ship - why can't a lock be set without having to jiggle the crosshairs over the ship?

This is where Fast Target Selector comes into play. Now you can do what NPC ships do - just cycle through all the available targets by priming the equipment and selecting "n". During red alert conditions when enemies are targeting you, the list of targets cycled through will be reduced to just those who are targeting you.

The Fast Target Selector is simple to install and use, costing a mere 10cr and available from all tech level 5 systems and above. The reason for the small cost is to make it a reasonable piece of equipment for new commanders to install even before they leave Lave.


Ideally the Fast Target Selector will be set as the "Fast Defensive" equipment item, using the "0" key on the keyboard to switch to the next target. However, you can also prime the equipment using "Shift-N", and use the "n" key to go to the next target and "b" to go back to the previous target.

When a ship or object is targeted it will be highlighted on the scanner with an alternating color, depending on the type of ship.

Ships are grouped together by type when you cycle through available targets (and you aren't in condition Red). The sorting priority is:

   "Neutral" ships (eg traders, non-aggressive ships, stations)
   Any others ships that aren't rocks or cargo
   Cargo containers
   Rocks (splinters, boulders, asteroids)

If you find yourself in a situation where you are in Condition Red, but you need to target something other than enemy ships, prime the "FTS Mode Changer" equipment (this becomes available during flight), and press the "n" key to change the mode between "Standard target selection" (which is the default mode where only enemy ships are targeted in Condition Red) and "Include all targets" (which essentially ignores Condition Red and targets all entities in range).

Note: Wormholes will not be targeted with this system. They must be targeted in the traditional way.
Note: This equipment is incompatible with the Targeter and Military Targeting System equipment items. You will not be able to purchase this equipment with those items already installed.


Download FastTargetSelector_1.6.oxz (downloaded 0 times).


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Thanks for Thargoid for his "Target Autolock Plus" OXP, from which I borrowed the scanner highlighting code, and for his "sort by distance" calculation (although I can't remember where I sourced this from).
Thanks to cag for his speed improvements and finding of bugs.

Version History


  • Sorted targets by type.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Code refactoring.


  • Removed incompatible behaviour when "Target Autolock Plus" OXP is active.


  • Removed hard-coded scanner range value.
  • Improved integration with EscortDesk, thanks to Norby and cag.


  • Code optimisations with thanks to cag.


  • Small tweak to the method of identifying hostile ships.


  • Initial release.

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