Derelicts don't count OXP

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Dormant thargons no longer count as "Kills"

Prevents destroying derelict ships counting as "kills"


Kills count towards one's Elite Rating. And the destruction of a derelict ship/inert Thargon is counted as a kill for you. This might be "right" - you damaged the ship so severely that you caused him to jump ship (or you destroyed the Thargoid mother ship). But - you might merely turn up at the end of a major battle between the Thargoids and the battleships of the Galactic Navy OXP and then polish off dozens of inert Thargons despite having avoided the battle. And add those dozens to your Elite rating!

This oxp prevents your destruction of derelict ships counting as kills.

More detail

OXPs change things. Towbar, Ship Version, Laser Cannons, etc, increase the likelihood that pilots will try to use escape pods, leaving more derelicts for the player to find. Galactic Navy OXP leaves the detritus of battles for the player to find. Currently it is not possible for OXPs to reliably differentiate between ships that become derelict due to the player's actions and ships that become derelict for other reasons. Therefore, this OXP subtracts one point of Elite score for each derelict destroyed by the player, negating the score awarded by the core game.


  • Author: Milo
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Required Oolite Version: v.1.74



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


This one is debatable. On the one hand, it makes it tougher to become Elite. On the other hand: the higher your ranking, the more tough scrapes you can get invited to - and without a properly fought-for rank, such scrapes could become lethal.