AutoRefuel OXP

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This tiny OXP (only 2 KB) fills your tank for you whenever you dock at a station, and deducts the cost from your account. If you do not have enough money to purchase the fuel, it gives you a message alerting you of the fact. It automatically does this whenever you dock with a station, so no need to buy any equipment.

The inspiration for this OXP came from the fact that there has been a few times that I have launched from a station having forgotten to buy fuel, and so have had to redock in order to buy the fuel. If there is anyone else who does this, here is the solution!

You can download the OXP using the in-game Expansions Manager, or now by clicking File:AutoRefuelV1.0.oxz.

Feel free to download it and test it out.

OXP written by BryonArn


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Only a little bit easier, but it is that little bit easier!