Asp (classic)

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Asp Mk II
Dimensions 70 x 20 x 65
Cargo capacity None
Armaments Hassoni-Kruger
Burst Laser;
Geret Starseeker
Maximum speed 0.40 LM
In-service date 2878 AD, GalCop
Maneuverability CF 4
Crew 2
Drive motors Voltaire Whiplash
HZ Pulsedrive
Hull stress factor TT 16
Hyperspace capable Yes
Game versions Classic


Galactic Navy vessel designed and manufactured in government workshops, incorporating secret self-destruct devices which are primed to activate when the astrogation controls are used by unfamiliar hands. Integument has chameleon properties enabling the ship to assume effective camouflage in any type of environment. Intended for reconnaissance and the transport of high-ranking military personnel from combat it is very fast and maneuverable. Despite its hazardous nature it makes an ideal pirate vessel, primarily because of the speed, camouflage and high intensity Hassoni-Kruger Burst-lasers. The Asp II has room for powerful shield generators, but only one missile port.

The Asp was designed by Ian Bell: "My contributions ... were: ... Various ship designs, the Asp was my favourite of these."

The Asp Mk.II, spinning vigorously.

Dry Dock

During coding of Classic Elite 'dry-dock' code was used to view some of the ships during development (referred to as *VIEW on Ian Bell's web site).

  • A movie for the Asp Mk. II generated using *VIEW run under the BBC emulator BeebEm3 is available here.
  • A movie for a slightly earlier version (different exhausts and no prominent gun, is available here.