Worker's Commuter

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Worker's Commuter
Worker's Commuter.png
Size (W×H×L) 100m×60m×409m
Cargo capacity 300 TC
Cargo bay extension
Maximum speed 0.14 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 0.40
Pitch: 0.30
Energy banks 6
Energy recharge rate
Gun mounts None
Missile slots
Shield boosters available Not available
Military shields available Not available
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price

Carrier of the People

Big, blocky, unlovely. These are all words used by observers who live outside the Communist States to describe the Worker's Commuters. Large, cost-effective, efficient. These are the words used by the Communist Commissars in response to the dissenters obviously commercialistically-corrupted arguments. The Worker's Commuters are immense transport ships designed to carry hundreds of Communist citizens between their home planets and the extra-planetary stations where they work for the greater glory of the People.

As common in Communist Systems as they are unknown beyond them, these vessels are built around a massive open cargo bay with floor upon floor of metal benches for the citizens to sit on. The rudimentary drive section occupies a tiny part of the aft section, while the pilot and ancilliary crew control the ship from a tiny 'bubble' cockpit at the front of the transporter. There is nothing that could be considered as luxurious in these vessels, even the life support systems are the bare minimum required to maintain the lives of the passengers.

However, it is this minimalistic approach that makes the Commuter attractive to Party officials. The cost to build a single Commuter is the same as a much smaller and less efficient Python Trader. With a tiny engine comes a tiny powerplant, so the Commuter is almost utterly defenseless, with no capacity to mount a laser, let alone any missiles or shield enhancements. But again the Commissariate reason that a Commuter has no need to defend itself with the ever-vigilant People's Police and Thought Police Rays protecting the spacelanes from the Enemies of Communism.

It is not known who designed the Commuter, but its prevalence in the many hundreds of Communist-controlled systems is by virtue of the Comoonin, a covert Galaxy-spanning intelligence agency who work to further the Communist cause by supporting Communist sentiments in other systems' Governments (especially Anarchies and Feudals) and sharing technology between technically advanced Commie States and those that are still considered low-tech.



A Worker's Commuter is a like a brick, only a brick is slightly more aesthetically pleasing and much much faster. I've been inside one once. It's like riding the most depressing subway in history on the same day your wife died and your dog blew up.

I'd been watching this thing drift towards the station for over ten minutes, like God had taken decided to be a postman for a day, was delivering His first letter, but took a moon-sized Valium beforehand.

And boring as this was, I was amazed that I was able to notice the inherent problem that was before me.

"Um... mission control, this is Mossfoots Burden. I think you have a problem with your current docking flight plan."

"Mossfoots Burden, all procedures are being observed. Please be advised you will be contacted as soon as it is your turn to dock. Acknowledge."

"Yeah, but--"


"Mossfoots Burden, acknowledging. But--"

My comm signal got cut and I had just about enough time to face palm before the fireworks started. The Worker's Commuter has a very specific design shape, meant to slide into the docking bay like it was the aforementioned mailslot. Only both the pilot and the mission control had failed to note that this one was approaching it on the side, like putting a piece of bread in a toaster sideways. Nobody had set up a course correction and now...

Coriolis Stations are tough cookies. It takes more than a ship splashing off it to mess up its day. And from the looks of all the pods flying off in every direction, one could only assume casualties were kept to a minimum. But without missing a beat the guy at mission control contacts my ship.

"Mossfoots Burden, you are cleared for landing. Acknowledge."

Communist efficiency at its best, folks. No wonder they drink so much. Mossfoot's Tales of Woe... (2014)
GearsNSuch's Orca Worker's Commuter
Orca Worker's Commuter cross-section

GearsNSuch's v.2.18 variant

The 'Orca' Worker's Commuter is a massive, inexpensive craft capable of transporting hundreds of citizens to destinations in and out of the system without much in the way of defence or speed. Although originally made in the millions, production of new craft has largely declined; most commuters are in poor, but still operable, condition.

The craft was designed around two angled-gravity passenger decks (poorly made cross-section below). Probably part of some unimplemented plan to have Communist main stations with docking rails to accommodate these craft, discouraging privately-owned transportation. It would be a simple matter to gut the rows and rows of stadium bleachers, add a little too much wood trim, and create a rather nice dining establishment. A quarter-kilometer long banquet or buffet table would be in order.

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This ship is part of the Commies OXP.