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New Stations & ships from the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation of Aqualina in Galaxy 3.


The Kiota is a new modular design of station, allowing customers to quickly commission a variety of custom-made stations for a variety of purposes. Each is based around a central "Wanyama" hub module with a simplified bi-directional central docking area. The hub area has spacious areas which can be used for either spaceship hangar and maintenance, an extensive machine area or central low-gravity work or recreational space.

The hub is linked as standard by a transportation system out to whichever modules are attached to it, or optionally a solid strut array if additional occupiable space is required.

Standard varieties of the Kiota include:

  • Habitat - These huge stations can accommodate several hundreds of thousands of people in their spacious ring design. If this is insufficient, then the double-ringed mega-habitat variant can accommodate and sustain the needs of a million inhabitants.
  • Research - The research Kiota offers a wide range of laboratory and investigation environments, in either two or four isolated modules.
  • Manufacturing - Offering either two or four distinct factory zones, these stations offer a hugely flexible and economic route to mass production to fulfil the needs of all bar the largest mega-corporate entity.
  • Bio - What the manufacturing station offers to the industrial worlds, the bio variant offers to the agricultural. Each of the two or four zones is an entirely isolated and distinct ecosystem, suitable for the growth of almost anything natural to any world.
  • Communications - A relatively cheap and powerful communications array. Suitable for system-wide coverage and boosting of galactic signals. Massive signal processor arrays are fitted as standard in place of the shipyard areas of the central station hub.
  • Solar - Often used for solar research, fuel harvesting and power generation. This station model features additional heat shielding, at the expense of the shipyard areas available in most of the above variants.
Habitat Station Variant

Mega habitat Station Variant

Research Station Variant

Manufacturing Station Variant

Bio Station Variant

Communications Station Variant

Solar Station Variant


All of the ships feature a new and more efficient quirium plasma drive system. This enables greater fuel efficiency by replacing the normal quirium reaction "burn" with a plasma reaction. This gives not only the improved thrust rates and speeds, but is better for the space environment as no unreacted exhaust trails are given off by the vessels.

  • Duma - These fast multi-purpose ships are designed for the similar multi-role usage as the common and popular Cobra 3. From trader to bounty hunter to military and police applications, these versatile ships are masters of all.
  • Tembo - Bulk haulage is the role of these vessels. Rugged and simple, their sole purpose is to move as much cargo as possible with the minimum of fuss and cost. The base ship can carry up to 500 tons at a time, and the optional trailer unit can double that capacity. Lightly armed and armoured, they depend on escorts to ensure they get through safely, but when it comes to carrying they are second to none.
  • Chatu - A large jump-capable combat ship designed for military, naval and general system protection roles. It has limited cargo capacity, but makes up for it in speed and all-round fighting capability.
  • Nyoka - The little brother of the Chatu, this short-range escort fighter packs a similar punch to its big brother, but lacks the jump capability and cargo space.
Duma multi-role

Tembo hauler with trailer unit

Chatu multi-role

Nyoka light escort



This OXP requires at least test version 1.79 of Oolite.
BGS enhances this OXP but is not a requirement


  • Version 1.11.4 can be downloaded from the in-game expansion manager.
  • WildShips v1.08 can be downloaded from Box.com by clicking on the link. Newer box link.
  • SunKyota download - adds 2- and 4- disk variants of the Kiota habitat station (Astrobe, 2017)


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