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A cute fluffy pet.


Trumble Treats -Life of a trumblepusher-
Author: Arexack Heretic
Created by Arexack as part of an ongoing project to make life in the Ooniverse increasingly interesting.

This OXP lets the player take the role of trumblepusher, breed the fluffy little blighters and sell them to unsuspecting locals and seasoned commanders who should know better.
But beware! GalCops take a dim view of smugglers.
Minimum requirement Oolite 1.74 -uses latest JS standard.

(release date version 0.01, July 25th 2010)
(release date version 0.02, July 27th 2010)
(release date version 0.03, July 28th 2010)
(release date version 0.04, August 4th 2010)

Download Link

Download Trumble Treats v004beta Uploaded august 2010.

Version History

  • v0.01 Primary release untested.
  • v0.02 pre-alpha dysfunctional due to syntax errors.
  • v0.03 alpha. First version that does not fail to load.
  • v0.04 beta. First functional version.

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a folder named "Trumble_Treats_vX.XX". Open this folder and you will see a folder named "trumbletreats.oxp" and a readme. As with all OXPs, its the folder ending .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.

Future Plans

Arexack's trumblefarm / bioponics lab

  • 1 - choose a location, on player's first trumble infection: randomly in current galaxy. save it(and galaxy number). if (!this.AH_planet){this.AH_planet=this.scrambledPseudoRandomNumber(234567)*100}
1 a - write mission text steering player towards hideout. triggered 10 jumps after infection OR on second infection. if guiscreen==shipyardscreen->-title: SHIPYARD-AncientEngineer- text: "Ahoy there, Commander!"/n/n"What ken eh do ye fer?"/n.../n"Haah, Har, Har, Har! -wheeze-"/n"TRUMBLES!", "Ye git yerself trumbles?!"/n"Well, ain't nothin' much a shipyard can do, cleaning her out here will take ferever."/n"'an ye'll ne'er get'em all! Just ask me ol' pall Arexack, he's got 'imseves a rock 'round "+this.AH_MyLocation+"." ."/n/n"Arr! 'nuf banter! Ye be innerested in a new vessel then?")
1 b - this.AH_MyLocation = function() "retrieves planetname stored in property." : function systemNameForID(systemID : Integer) : String

  • 2 - steal a hermit or Griff spacething or something suitable from somebody else. I don't feel like modelling.
2 a - copy models, textures (or refer to add dependability.), shipdata.plist with shipscripts,

  • 3 - scripted hails. scripted economy. mission scripted on dock with rock. - better not dock here, nobody home...and we have a very deadly security system! - I'm forced to warn you: this rock has a bit of a vermin problem... Nothing we can't handle! No need to help us with your ship lasers! -(if player.ship.hasEquipment("EQ_MINING_LASER")):Stop mining my rock!
3a --mission texts: We have had a bit of a disastrous vermin problem ever since Hesperus paid a visit,\nyou can still see the rusty gouges he made while he ... penetrated/assaulted/misused/abused/crammed his rotting vessel into/etc my dock,\nthe manky bastard!
So...ehrm, welcome to my hydroponics la-... trumble farm.\n IF (no trumble): We have very recently developed a new breed of trumble, you might call it the anti-trumble./n You see, it eats other trumbles.\n Only 30 credits and you will be safe from being infected with trumbles from salvaged cargo!
If player returns: Ah, yes. There are still a few bugs in the anti-trumble. Occasionally they regain their ability to breed.
if no trumble: I can offer you a new trum-... ANTI-trumble, free of charge!
if hastrumble: Another way of getting rid of them is flying real close to a sun, they are sensitive to heat it seems. Not really an option for my asteroid unfortunately, but your ship should manage. Here have one of our improved anti-trumble.

  • 4 - mission to track down Capt. Hesperus in his dillapidated python : Murghs rusties dependency.
4 a - script Hesperus's python and use his avatar (with trumble), ship spawns containers of trumbles when persued, also as death_action.
4 b - create -with Griff's disappearing debris as basecode- trumble debris (possibly flattened dodecs, or even simpler form, they are just for show anyhow) in many colours (look into shader code for random colour decals or overlays)