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Prototype: Entity

The Flasher class is an Entity representing a flasher on a ship. It has all the properties and methods of an Entity, and several others. Available from Oolite 1.79 onwards.


This property was added in Oolite test release 1.79.


active : Boolean (read/write)

Whether or not the flasher is currently lit.

See also: Ship.lightsActive


color : Color (read/write)

The current colour of the flasher. If the flasher is defined to have a list of colours which it cycles through, then setting this variable will only override the colour until it changes again - when it cycles back to that colour, it will be as specified in the flasher's plist entry. Note that when reading from plists, a desaturation effect is applied to the specified colour. This is not applied when directly setting a colour.


fraction : Number (read/write)

The fraction of the flashing cycle in seconds for which the flasher is in an illuminated state.


frequency : non-negative Number (read/write)

The frequency of the flashing cycle in Hz, or zero for always-on


phase : Number (read/write)

The phase shift applied to the flashing cycle in seconds


size : positive Number (read/write)

The diameter of the flasher in metres


This method was added in Oolite test release 1.79.


function remove()

Remove the flasher completely from the ship