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Jannah Berihn has written several stories set in the Frontier Universe, as well as contributing to various FEU-cooperative works, besides being an avid Elite-roleplayer herself.

She also created a design for the interior of some of the Elite/FE2 ships: see http://www.dream-ware.co.uk/berihn/ships/ on Michael Cook's Dreamware site.


Commanderess Jannah Berihn of Longhaul Outpost (LHO) prefers the following:

Name: RabidviXen
AI Attitude: Prefers aggressive defensive posture and will always open fire on opening ships before speeding past them and then running full burn for a distance to provide sufficient time to arm and prep weapons systems. No tail-gun action, but missile lock guaranteed on lead ship every time. If threatened will take on the role of a good offense is the best defense. Ruthless. Will ram another vessel if energy banks are low, ejecting in a capsule at the last moment.
Ship: Cobra MK III
Color/Style: Deep-space Blue.
Equipment: Military laser on the bow, beam lasers on all other mountings. Energy bomb, missiles. Extra-energy unit and escape capsule.
Mods: Will run for the sun in most systems to blind potential enemies sensors. When within the photospheric envelope, will loop over and open fire with military laser and missiles.
Commo: Ye-Haaaa! Grab your butts and kiss 'em goodbye you slime-sucking scumbags! [and] Thrilled to Kill you! [and] Justing passing through ... but if you wanna make something of it?


Berihn is one of the co-authors of the Huge Plasma Accelerator saga.

JB's Cobra Mk III

Berihn-elite-frontier-cobra3-deck1.gif Berihn-elite-frontier-cobra3-deck2.gif Berihn-elite-frontier-cobra3-section.gif


A vestige of her website is still visible here: dream-ware (2021)