Globe station

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Globe Station
Size (metres, W×H×L) 1623x1623x1569
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Rotating Yes
Energy recharge rate 100
Armaments None
Defenders GalCop
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon N


3141 MGMT - GASEC reveal several radical new prototype space stations, marking a departure from the older, self-contained models. Examples of a toroid design is placed in orbit of several high-tech worlds for testing.

This was the beginning of several new space station designs and the Murgh Shipyards was given the task of constructing a completely new multifunctional station to place Obnoxicorps sector HQs in high tech systems.


This oxp (infrequently) alternates Globe stations in high TL systems to your Oolite experience.
SAR Rescue ships are often seen within systems with these experimental stations.


This OXP requires Oolite v1.76.1.



Optional Downloads

Permission to update Murgh's .oxp's

...of course you may feel totally free to update any of the old OXPs or otherwise make use of the old scraps if they can still hold appeal. It would be very cool for me if something from so long ago could even in a small part manage to survive through the ages, along with the simple and brilliant concept of Oolite...
((Old) Murgh 2021)


This OXP was published before March 2006. It seems as though the original BB thread was lost in the Great Deletion.