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Not the same as "The Federation" in FE2, FFE & Elite: Dangerous - see Federation!


The Elite Federation of Pilots, an independent body linked to most of the major organisations in Galactic space, introduced the Elite Rating in a drive to spur pilots towards self-defence. The Galactic Co-operative, at the time stretched to the limits of the police force by pirate activity, fully supported this move, even introducing combat training into their flight training programme.

The Elite Federation has come under fire from human rights protesters in recent years due to their policy of not questioning what sort of kills are made. They will award kills to pirates and lawful pilots alike without issue. This has opened up many claims that they support piracy and terrorism. The EF answer these charges with the same defence every time: "...it is not our job to protect against lawlessness or to assign blame for actions beyond our control. Our job is to assign ratings. A pirate is still a pirate no matter what his Elite Rating - it is up to the police and the Navy to deal with their crimes".

Extracts from the Tre Clan

According to Extracts from the Tre Clan (The Elite), the Elite-ranked Maricela Cedeño is the current President of the Elite Federation.


  • Selezen's analysis (2006?)
  • There is earlier material on this in the BB, probing - for example - the relationship between the Federation of Pilots and GalCop.

OXPs invoking the Elite Federation

Elite Federation of Pilots in Elite: Dangerous

Over the centuries the Pilots Federation has remained secretive in nature and neutral in conflicts, and has grown into one of the dominant financial superpowers of the galaxy through its GalNet data network. Originally a star chart, ship data and bounty management system, GalNet has evolved into an effective galactic infrastructure and content monopoly on news, market pricing and communication systems.  This has not been without controversy, with periodic claims of data hoarding and abuse of its position. It’s not surprising that an organization founded on status, and with such influence and power, has several cliques (The Dark Wheel being the most infamous). Or that those of Elite rank have further exploited their status and the incredible demand for their services, by forming an organization within an organization; the Elite Pilots Federation.

Relentless, increasingly well organized piracy and the need to maintain their reputation and influence as the best of the best caused the Elite Pilots Federation to start opening its membership to candidates from the Deadly rank who were able to pass a rigorous test and then, as demand continued to soar, to those from the Dangerous rank.
The Pilots Federation has eschewed being tied to any particular system in favour of roaming the stars. With one exception – the Founders World.
The elusive Founders World system is governed by the Elite Pilots Federation, and run exclusively for the benefit of their members.  Its location is closely guarded, heavily protected, and the subject of extensive misinformation on GalNet.

Source: Cody (2014)