Breakable 'Standard' Equipment OXPs

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This is a little project to create a series of OXP's to make some of the 'standard' ship equipment such as the HUD/Scanner, Witchspace Drive, Torus Drive and Shields into visible equipment items that can be damaged in combat, giving reduced functionality until repaired in the normal way. These are intended for the experienced commander who wants to make their Ooniverse that little bit more difficult to live in.

Common Features

All of these OXP's create new visible equipment items that are listed on the ship's equipment manifest. They are installed automatically and for free to your existing ship and any new ship purchased. If damaged they can be repaired in the normal way at a station of any tech level. This technology is standard across all space faring vessels and repair costs are relatively cheap. All items can also be repaired by third party methods such as Thargoid's Repair_Bots. All require Oolite version 1.75.2 or above.

Breakable HUD/IFF Scanner v 1.1

Version 1 released 25/6/11.

Current version 1.1 released 10/7/11 - reduced repair cost and minor bug fix.

Introduces equipment item "Standard HUD/IFF Scanner".

If damaged the HUD and Scanner flicker on and off at random until repaired. Repair Costs are 125 credits.

Download the Breakable HUD/IFF Scanner from the box.

Breakable Shield Generators v 1.0

Version 1 released 10/7/11.

Introduces two equipment items "Primary Shield Generator - Fore" and ""Primary Shield Generator - Aft".

If you have a working Military Shield Enhancement or Shield Booster fitted the Primary Generators cannot be damaged. If either of the Primary Generators are damaged the respective shield will remain at zero strength until the Primary generator is repaired. If you have CommonsenseOTB's Shield_Equalizer_&_Capacitors_OXP (version 1.3+ only) and Shield Equalizer installed or Lone_Wolf's Shield Cycler (version 0.30.1+ only) installed this OXP will temporarily disable these equipment items if a Primary generator is damaged to avoid catastrophic shield/energy loss. Repair costs are 150 credits.

Download the Breakable Shield Generators from the box.

Breakable Witch Drive v1.1

Version 1.1 released 20/7/11.

Introduces equipment item "Thruspace Hyperdrive".

If damaged you can still attempt to jump between systems but there is a vastly increased chance of fuel leakage, unexplained jump failure and misjump. Repairs cost 300 credits.

Version 1.1 includes a minor tweak to prevent the the equipment being fitted to non-hyperspace capable player ships.

Download the Breakable Witch Drive from the box.

Breakable Torus Drive v1.0

Version 1 released 10/7/11.

Introduces equipment item "Torus Drive".

If damaged you can still use the Torus/Jump drive but will be plagued with random malfunctions manifesting as unexplained mass-locking events. Repairs cost 125 credits.

Download the Breakable Torus Drive from the box.


Discussion Topic can be found at the Oolite BB.