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This unique Galaxy 5 orbital station (called Avernus) will be found in the Coyote's Run mission OXP.


Bertilak La Verde was a human colonial, born into a wealthy family on the rich industrial corporate world of Quandixe. Although expected to assume a position in the family company after his education, this exceptionally intelligent and gifted young man had his own ideas - his interests lay in history and exploration, not fiscal reports and accountancy. On the day of his graduation at Quandixe’s finest university he disappeared, along with a substantial sum from the family coffers, and took to the spacelanes in an old Cobra Mk III. After only a few years he had traded his way to financial security, and fought his way to Elite rank.

For decades he roamed the 'lanes and backwaters of the Eight, all the while immersing himself ever more deeply in ancient Terran history, both real and mythical. One fine day, whilst meandering around the Steel Halo, an isolated and somewhat troubled sector in the north-east corner of the fifth octant, he suffered a misjump between Zaenza and Lazaso, and found himself surrounded by Thargoid warships. No stranger to the exigencies of interstellar space, he dispatched them after a vicious firefight, and still having plenty of Quirium fuel, was about to continue on his way when he spotted something way off in the distance - a beautiful blue gas giant. He set off to investigate, but was soon dodging and weaving through hundreds of asteroid swarms - asteroid swarms that turned out to contain a high percentage of what are known as 'treasuroids' - near-mythical 'roids rich in gemstones and rare metals.

Quietly and methodically, Bertilak La Verde took full advantage of his good fortune, and was soon an extremely wealthy man - and he had a vision, a purpose for his wealth. He would construct a station in orbit above the gas giant that would become a centre of excellence in all things to do with starships and space, a place that only carefully vetted veteran spacers, scientists, and hackers would be invited to - somewhere beyond the reach of GalCop. When the mammoth undertaking was finally completed, Avernus Orbital hung majestically above the blue gas giant, which he named Lago - his love of ancient history influencing his choice of names.

Here it was, in his twilight years, that he envisaged and established the Green Knights of Lago - a hand-picked squadron of Elite combateers, flying heavily-armed ships - the fearsome Green Geckos - which are reputed to mount double-barrelled military lasers. Their sole mission is to find and challenge other highly-ranked pilots in single-combat, to test their mettle, to closely examine whether they are truly worthy of their rank. Originally based on Avernus Orbital, these ships also became the Lago defence force, in case any pilot should be so utterly foolhardy as to attack the orbital, or to repel attacks by Thargoid warships - who have now learnt to leave Avernus Orbital well alone!