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User2357: a peripatetic pyrrhonist investigating the mysteries of meta-physics

My interest is specifically focused on the original 1984 Elite/Oolite and immediate derivatives, their real and in-universe history/lore, game mechanics, and just generally trying to make some sense of all the confusion and contradiction that exist out there in the real world and in the game universe in terms of the details of all these elements, and others perhaps also.

I am of the opinion that, Dylan Smith's depiction of Commander Damon Winston's hyperspace displacement from the Frontier universe to the Xlite universe in his novella "The Virtuous Misfortune" is probably the most logical explanation of the relationship between the two universes.

The Frontier games represent an alternate universe, and, as such, at least the non-existence of the other GalCop species in Frontier Space, can physically, logically and practically not be reconciled with the in-universe history of Xlite [X = "E-" / "Oo-"], as has been attempted by other researchers, such as Commanders Selezen and Drew Wagar.